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Re: [ORP] Firestorm Manor

Post by Texas_Knight » Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:26 pm

TK nodded at Iris in approval as she sat the plate down. "Looks delicious, Iris. Thank you."

TK took a glass of water and downed it in one helping, then did the same with the brandy and gave a mischievous grin to Nikola. He cut into the first slab of meat and put the piece in his mouth. It was flavored just right and cooked perfectly, at least to him. "Cook is an expert at this type of cooking. I wish I'd have know of him before you. I would have stolen him away for my own service." He continued to eat the remainder of the first meat and put a second on his plate.

As he continued to eat and drink both water and brandy he realized that he would not need sleep as his energy was replenished, at least for now. He began to explain the why and everything that had gone into his decision to pursue this form. "My dear" he said as he took another drink of brandy and then water "I knew that if the time were to come that I would have to meet your Sidhe family, I knew they would never accept me in my orcish form and wouldn't even let me in their lands in my lycan form. The history between both forms and the elvish kindred is ... long and colored. Mostly red colored, as in blood, on both sides." he takes another drink of brandy and water as he continues to eat.

"I have been researching old texts that I had found in my old village. Made a few trips back there over the months and sought out other books from places of my ancestors. While my parents took the form of orcs as their alter form they could only choose one form and chose that one many, many centuries ago. But, as I have explained in the past, I am different than my parents were. While being natural born lycans, they were not hybrids. It's a rare gene that appears only in full lycans, and if present, grants the lycan special abilities. One of those abilities I came to know was the ability to take more than one form in addition to the lycan form. I can take any form I choose, be it anything humanoid." He took another bite of meat and a good amount of the brandy, forgetting the water.

"This is very good." he smiled and took another bite finishing the second slab of meat. He did not grab another as he decided to let that already eaten settle and see where he was after that registered with his mind and body. As they sat and talked he continued to explain the reasoning behind his change. "The form requires much practice, and much more practice to be able to take that form without feeling like one is ripping their bones out and crushing them into a thousand tiny splinters. That's the only way I know how to explain the pain that it gave me when I attempted this form the first time. I don't know if you've heard things in the night or not up here, but in town I've heard that others have heard strange, inhumane noises coming from the woods around my place. Although none have said as such directly to me, I believe many suspected I was torturing some poor soul up there the past few months." he takes another drink of brandy and pauses long enough for that to settle on her mind. "Truth is, I was. Myself. It was me making those noises that others heard and assumed were coming from the woods. Although they were actually coming from deep down in the cellars. Remember that room that had the cells in it? There's one less cell there today because of the practice. When I first started practicing I would have Ethan lock me inside the innermost cell in case something went bad and I became uncontrollable. Within the first dozen attempts I managed to mangle that cell and it's now nothing more than a heap of twisted metal and klah. I had all the cells lined in klah. Everything from top to bottom, side to side, front to back. And in the beginning it wasn't enough to keep me from .... well, it wasn't enough to keep me from attempting to hurt others. But, as you can see, I managed to perfect the art." He decided to leave out the more graphic details as they didn't matter now. He took another long drink of water and then brandy as he watched her reactions.

TK sighed as he saw the question on her mind still, the 'why' of it all. "I shall tell you the 'why' of the matter directly. I was easier for me to change to this form, than for you to change to the lycan form. I don't mean just the physical transformation, I mean the complete book of easier. While your Sidhe folk may be able to sense something in me while I'm in this form, it will be easier for them to stomach me in this form and may not risk you being disowned by them. Perrhaps in this form they will get to know me for me, instead of judging me for a beast intent on killing any and all that cross my path. Perhaps, they will see that I have nothing but your well-being in my mind will accept that, while we may have different blood in our veins, our hearts beat as one. I did this for your spirit. I know that it may break that spirit if you were disowned by the Sidhe family, and I would not risk that chance being increased by staying in the Orc or Lycan form when another was available. I would not have you risk your life by going through the changing process. For I could not see myself living with myself if I caused your death. In short, I took the risks to diminish the risk for you."

There it was. He hoped she understood why he made the change, and hoped she better understood the reason he first gave her by the water. Love. As ferocious as he was in lycan form, his love beat in his heart for her. He took a very long drink of the brandy and as he emptied his glass, he would see the moon getting lower in the early morning or late night sky through a window. The night had been long, but he was refreshed having told her and bared his soul open to her.
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Re: [ORP] Firestorm Manor

Post by Nikola » Fri Mar 27, 2020 4:37 pm

She watched him eat and drink, noting how much he required of both to replenish his strength and energy. He did not seem to have any trouble maintaining this form but getting to it had certainly drained him. She listened as he began to speak, his words stunning her into silence. She was at once grateful, horrified and heartbroken over what he had put himself through for her. He had done it for her. To save her from the risks of changing. He had done it for her. So that Vaelen and his kin might accept him as her mate. He had done it for her. All the pain, the uncertainty of the results, all of it had been for her. No one had ever done so much, put themselves through so much, just to spare her. To be with her. To garner the acceptance of her family.

She sat in stunned silence as he finished speaking, unable to express the whirlwind of emotions dancing among the echoes of his words in her mind. If ever she had questioned his love for her or whether the bond growing between them was true, she did no more. Words failed her. She seemed to have forgotten how to even put together a meaningful sentence, or which words would even begin to describe what was going on inside her mind and heart.

She rose from her seat and walked around the table to where he was seated and slipped onto his lap without saying a word. Encircling his neck with her arms she pressed her lips to his and proceeded to pour every ounce of love and gratitude she felt into the kiss. She was in no hurry to end the physical connection but at last she did and pulled back just enough to be able to gaze into his eyes. She hoped he could see her heart in hers.
“I love you, too,” she finally whispered, surprised that she had found her voice again. She gave him a little smile and ran her fingers through his hair, looking him over with new eyes. “I will treasure this form as I treasure you, because it has cost you so much to make it.”

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