Getting 3.0.6 ready..

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Getting 3.0.6 ready..

Post by Amaryllis » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:15 pm

We have been hard at work getting 3.0.6 ready. To see the full info behind the release: ... sion_id=10

Some Highlights include:
- Essenser is now active
- Use Poisons in Battle
- Damage Statue
- 3 New Duel Types: Duel to 5 Hits, Duel to 5 Points, and Moderate Injury
- Duel Faith Point Reserve
- News Scroller Updated (Old one would sometimes jam up and become totally illegible)
- Numerous Fixes

One added change is that Family requests will now be changed to requiring 3 active players and the application process is more streamlined with an IG form. This should help families build and grow better.

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