Pets - And changes.

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Pets - And changes.

Post by Amaryllis » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:13 pm

Pet Update Overview

While planning for version 3.1, one of the major components that we wanted to make sure was focused on was the Pets system. With version 3.0, we reintroduced the Pets with benefits system based upon the feedback we had from players. Since that release, we have been listening to various feedback regarding the Pets system including survey results to help improve it. With this release, players will now be able to obtain the two last pets that were not introduced with 3.0 (Squirrels and Monkeys).

One of the concerns that we heard from players was about the lack of availability of Pets. Peasant towns will raise and keep their respective pets in stock in limited quanitities to help players be able to purchase the pet of their desire. Please note that you can see what type of Pet is available in any given town by going to Outskirts > All Lands. Of course, we highly recommend you contacting your town rancher if the Pet type that you want is available in your town.

An additional concern that some players brought forth was the lack of Pet food. While we do encourage you to contact the various makers of the Pet Foods, the Caravan will also now have Pet Foods for purchase for your Pets. This combined with a new hunger system for Pets should help increase the ability for players to keep their pets. Pets will have a 6 tiered hunger system (Stuffed > Full > Little Hungry > Hungry > Very Hungry > Famished). Pet hunger will drop one level at reset every day. When you feed the pet, it will increase it up a maximum of 3 levels. Each hunger level will determine the health increase/decrease opportunity. A pet who is Full or above will always experience an increase in health while those who are Very Hungry or Famished will always experience a decrease in health at reset. This should also help with food availability.

In addition, on various screens (like Town Resourse, Fields, Stats, etc), there will be a notice about how a type of Pet could affect that area. It will include whether or not you have that pet type as well as if it is active. This way players will be more aware of some of the benefits of each of the different type of Pets that are in existance.

Based on the feedback from players, we also added in a notification to warn players about pet inactivity to help players remember to reactivate them and use them.

Finally, we added in the ability to name individual pets with this release. All in all, we appreciate the feedback we've received from our players and hope that you will enjoy all of these changes coming to Pets.

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Re: Pets - And changes.

Post by Nocturne » Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:37 pm

I like it :)
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Re: Pets - And changes.

Post by Duke_of_Earl » Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:46 pm

Thank you very much.
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