3.1.003 is coming...

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3.1.003 is coming...

Post by Amaryllis » Wed Nov 28, 2018 8:55 pm

Some highlights from this release are:

- New Forum Request System (Players can not request new forums directly from the IG interface) [Issue 1248]
- Viceroyalties can declare a Holiday Celebration (Chance to improve each town's morale under the VR as well as change to improve VR Clerical Happiness. Long times without a Holiday can cause a random chance for decrease) [Issue 131]
- When Use of Aloe cures sickness, states so [Issue 1267]
- Add Option to Rematch Opponent in Dice Master [Issue 1259]
- Remove Reported Morale and/or Loyalty from Town Mayor screen [Issue 1257]
- Neutral Temple Masses should mimic the Clean windows to prevent confusion [Issue 1253]
- Add Manage Button for families' Head under Me > My Family [Issue 1228]

In addition, there are a number of fixes to issues that were found. For more details check out our Bug Tracker system.

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