[ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

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Re: [ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

Post by Chronicler » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:17 pm

#2873 replied almost instantly knowledge is power, power allows It to protects and fights. Runes are knowledge, knowledge is power, power allows It to protect and fight

The quills on Its right hand began flashing about drawing dozens of runes, some that It had taught Aishe and many that It had not yet.
Minor runes, reshaping energy, giving it purpose, making it observable to lifeforms, turning knowledge into action. Energy given action equals power, power allows The Aishe to fight, fighting allows The Aishe to protect.
At that #2873 pushed a tiny shred of power into the last rune it drew.
The wind fell quiet and the raindrops stopped falling, instead hanging in midair.

Request granted, Chronicler #2873 will grant The Aishe power, to fight and protect.
Loud sharp metallic clacks rang out through the air as the links in the chains binding the chroniclers tome broke open. The sudden quiet that followed left the ears of all those watching and listening, mainly guards and Aishe, ringing painfully.

An acolyte amongst the guards began to yell out a warning that something was coming, but was cut off by the wind picking up with an intensity 10 fold its previous power and carrying a word that #2873 could have rumbled, but loud as a thunder’s roar OBSERVE
At this the crystalline panels covering Its chest cavity opened and a shockwave of light, sound and other sensory data roared outwards from the tome.
Aishe’s pupils dilated and her mouth fell open as bloody tears began to seep from her eyes, ear and mouth. After several 5 seconds she collapsed convulsing.

Birds fell from the branches of nearby trees where they were seeking shelter from the storm, rabbits’ hearts seized functioning and moles suffocated in the earth they were digging at just mere seconds earlier, unable to control their bodies any longer.
The guards that had been watching the lessons from a distance collapsed in unison suffering what seemed like a severe stroke, losing control over their bowels and like Aishe crying blood, and those that had been patrolling on the walls of the Ettinford manor collapsed and fell off of them.

All of those that witnessed it would describe it their experience differently. Some spoke of hearing colours, smelling sounds, seeing the vibrations that caused sound in the air of every conversation that had been had around the chronicler in the last few days, the feeling of every blade of grass in the entire field, how it felt to process sunlight into energy and draining nutrients from the ground, the wind caressing every hair on every feather of every bird in a 20 mile radius every second of every day for a period impossible to determine, and an impossible amount of other things.

In the minutes that followed the rain eventually began to fall again and the wind returned to its original power.
#2873 stood as still as a statue while the magic the maker had inscribed on the chains turned them to their original state and bound the tome once more.
Still covering Aishe from the rain with its left hand It picked her up with Its right hand and gently carried her to the entrance of the Ettinford manor.

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Re: [ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

Post by Aishe » Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:39 pm

If there was one person in this realm that understood the crystal golem, it was Aishe. Perhaps too well. She knew how it functioned, how it processed, and exactly the correct words to use to get the answers or results she desired. That was not to say that she used the Chronicler because there was definitely a deep, odd bond between the two that would eventually amuse the Maker some day. The bond was as close to friendship as the golem could offer, and to her, it was family. They were a strange pair, inseparable in their truths and curiosity.

She was pleased when she saw it beginning to take what she hoped to be the step she needed. She understood this sort of magic was dangerous, but she also understood the potential flowing through her veins. A potential that could help her become unmatched in combat, a true force to reckon with. Eager, blue eyes watched the runes being drawn, watching the details with anticipation.

Of course, that feeling of hope was fleeting when she came to realize that her request worked against her. Sometimes, in a search for knowledge, common sense failed. The hairs on her arms and neck began to stand up. In that instant, she realized her mistake -- she would get what she wanted, but in that moment of irritation, she lacked the specifications that the golem required. It could have been a fatal mistake, should she be a weaker being or the golem did not "care" for her wellbeing.

Eyes grew wide as she felt the power surge ripple through the air and for a moment, time stood still. The ringing in her ears dwarfed all other sounds, but she stood, momentarily paralyzed as the runic magic circled around them and seemingly untouched by the powerful gusts. It was, one could assume, ordinarily invisible, but in that moment, Aishe could see the magic. Colours she did not know even existed swirled in fog-like wisps carried by the winds, enticing her to knowledge she could not comprehend but so deeply wanted. Her body was numb to existence while every atom tingled at an intensity she would feel in nightmares.

Different wisps began bolting into her chest with an dissipating puff of smoke. Each felt like boulder being slammed into her, but she was unresponsive as her mind was being suffocated by different images. The flash of imagery was similar to the memories she got from her victims, but sped up. She'd later recall the only thing she had experienced that had been similar was drinking Rannek's blood, but this was still a multitude stronger than that. Her eyes began to glow as her body absorbed the runic magic, but as her mind reach its tolerance, her body began to tremble. Just as sudden as she had felt the power, it stopped and all went black.

A dusty light drifted in between the thick curtains, casting just a sliver of light across the bedroom. It fell across the bed and pillows, giving a glow to the two sleeping faces. With a soft smile, Aishe shifted ever so slightly to better watch her spouses. She did not need sleep, but she was not one to pass up opportunities of peace and quiet. Those moments were few for a royal family. Slender fingers brushed over her wife's belly, hoping the moving of the unborn twins would not wake her. The poor woman had tossed and turned a lot to get comfortable only a few hours ago before finally lulling to sleep. The restless end of a pregnancy. Blue eyes flitted across Akos and to Zuan, now studying his face. His forehead was free of lines of worry, his breathing soft and comfortable. It was with a sigh of content that she buried her face into the pillow and Akos's hair, tossing an arm over her wife to press her fingertips on Zuan. She wished moments like these could last forever.

A groan was the first indicator of Aishe stirring. Her head ached like no other and ringing echoed in her eardrums still. It took a lot of effort to get her eyes open, eyelids fluttering a few times to fight the heaviness. Things were momentarily blurry before her sight focused, finding a worried face above hers. Despite herself, she found her lips pulling into a sleepy smile.

Hello beautiful. What a way to wake up. While she did not struggle to find her voice, her brain did struggle to find a language. What was meant to be Luciva, the common tongue, became a mingled mash of Fenian, Luciva, Romanes, Dark Elvish and other minor regional dialects of her childhood. To her, it all sounded the same as she tried to sit up. The attempt was met with a spike of pain through her head, causing her to fall back into her pillow. Zachré, my head..

She stayed still for a moment, the ringing in her ears having yet to cease. Her brows knitted together in concentration and confusion, flashes of her last lesson filtering through the haze. At this point, her brain had already compartmentalized the knowledge the Chronicler flooded her with. The useless bits had been discarded and the rest was neatly organized in mental closets that she would later have to find. For now, she reached out ungracefully with one hand as her words continue to mismatch and slur. Hey, that acolyte. He deserves a raise. He's good. He should be our royal mage!
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Re: [ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

Post by Akos » Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:58 pm

Akos was partway through a nap when she was woken by a scaled snout snuffling loudly at her face. She pushed it away at first with a mumbled Go 'way Greg, but the hound was insistent. Barely a second later a loud "WOOF" bellowed from the hounds jowls, his warm breath blasting into Akos' face, forcing the woman fully awake with a grimace.

Ugh, Greg! What!?

The exclamation came sharply from her lips as Akos made a clumsy and slow attempt at standing, one hand resting beneath the swell of her swollen stomach in support of the soon to be born twins within. With a groan she made it to her feet, her free hand rising to wipe a bead of sweat from her brow at the effort as she glared at the hound. No answer was forthcoming however, and instead the large beast simply whined, pushed himself into her side and dragged them both into the shadows.

The haze of darkness lifted and the first thing Akos noticed was the chill of raindrops upon her flesh. Blinking, it took a moment to orient herself to her new location, and it was but a second more before Akos realised where she was. The courtyard of the Ettinford Estate was in a strange state of affairs, bodies law strewn about with those concious few and far between. Sobbing came from one isolated corner, and Akos turned to see a serving woman curled up against a wall, her head in her hands before a gasp tore her attention away and back towards the centre of the yard.

“Your Highness!” exclaimed a maid as she rushed over, throwing the cloak from her own shoulders over those of the Queen’s and pulling it taught around her body. Akos noticed the poor girls face turn an interesting shade of beet red as she attempted to make the cloak cover the bare belly beneath as best she could before the girl scampered away with the mention of fetching her some clothes. Her personal state of undress was of no importance to Akos though, as her eyes came to rest upon the slumped form of her wife's body in the arms of Chronicler #2873.

What happened!? She called out in distress, waddling as fast as possible over to where the crystal giant stood.

The Aishe queried the ability to fight and protect, It displayed. Came the straight forward reply.

What does that even mean?! Akos yelled at the golem while simultaneously summoning Greg to her side. Not waiting for a response, Akos instructed Chronicler #2873 to place her wife upon the broad shoulders of their loyal hell-hound, placing one of her own hands upon the creature's scaled head and shadow travelling the three of them into the manor.

It had been a full day and a half before Aishe had started to show signs of life, and almost another full 24 hours after before she finally made her way back into consciousness. Akos pushed up from the couch on which she had been resting quietly as the first mumbles slipped from her wife's lips, and so she was peering down worriedly when the blue eyes she so loved finally opened. The cacophony of words and languages was certainly unexpected however, and Akos let her wife ramble on for a few sentences before the emotions and stress of the last few days finally overwhelmed her.

Shut up! Just shut up Aishe! Akos snapped loudly, do you have any idea what you’ve done? How many lives you... She stopped short before unleashing the words her anger demanded. Conversations about lives lost, and others forever warped by physical disability could be left for later, for a time when her wife wouldn’t so easily claim a burden of guilt that would not rightfully be hers. Akos closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. This was not a time for anger, this was a time for gratitude. She grasped the still flailing hand and brought it to her lips, kissing the fingertips softly, Shut up and rest you big idiot she said lovingly, you’ve still got healing to do.

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