[ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

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Re: [ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

Post by Sokanon » Wed Mar 11, 2020 6:06 am

They’d always had an intense and special bond, but entwining their energies in such a way was...something more. Sokanon was one with her sister as they searched together, Akos’ growing desperation was her own. None of the soul threads they had found so far had led them to Aishe, and as the twins expanded their search past the birthing room and out unto the entire estate, Sokanon began to doubt.

It was but a moment before Soka felt the full force of Akos’ anger. There would be zero allowances made for any uncertainty. There was however a strong and ever growing sense of urgency coming from her twin sister, and had Sokanon been in any other situation she most likely would have gasped at Akos’ next command. What they were about to ask for had most likely never been done before. Breaking concentration for just long enough, Soka turned to Serendipity, We need the boys.

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Re: [ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

Post by Serendipity » Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:55 am

Red brows knitted together at the request. The boys. For the first time, there was a hesitance in the lady protector's step. The boys were not present for good reason; it went against their culture. The enchantments and protection placed over the room and the neighboring nursery were held together delicately only in female presence. Bringing the boys in would break the webbing and put Aishe's very soul at risk, along with that of her newborn child. Now, Serendipity was not raised Romany, but she lived within the culture now. She was no stranger to evil and firmly believed in the precautions the Roma took. For that brief moment, she was torn... Torn between what Aishe would want verses what was needed.

As always, Aishe's life came first. The struggle ceased to a nod, Serendipity heading for the door. The wing had loose protection magic on it as well, but being a wider space, it was more difficult to maintain the intensity needed for the birth. That protection gave way the further one wandered in the manor. It was nonexistent in the room the boys were sitting idly, playing cards. Two pairs of blue eyes flicked up at her, noting her rigid expression.

"We need you."

She offered no explanation and they needed none. Quick to their feet, the three of them retreated the way she had come. As the boys trailed behind her, she felt the finely casted net tear, crumbling into pieces at their feet with a faint glimmer in the air. She found it difficult to keep leading them further in, feeling the destruction left in their wake. If anything happened to the child, Aishe would not forgive her... And she would not forgive herself either. But, at least Aishe would be there to be angry... Hopefully.

Hesitation returned when slim fingers reached for the doorknob. Dark eyes closed with a murmuring prayer beneath her breath before she opened the door. She entered first, her heart dropping more as she felt the enchantments shatter. Hastily, she shut the door behind the twins and turned to quickly urge the nurse into the nursery, which now held the only protection left. Weeks of preparation were now undone, but she'd be damned if evil reached the child in their efforts to save their queen.
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Re: [ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

Post by Varann » Mon Mar 16, 2020 6:40 am

sliped quietly back into the room and ket the Akos know that xie was there if she needed xer..... the figure was gone for now ....

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Re: [ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

Post by SanchariTwins » Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:59 pm

It was with hopeful gazes that the boys look up with when their long time family protector disturbed their game. It felt like an age had passed while they had waited on news of the birth, and they’d been quietly squabbling over the gender of the babe for the entirety of the day. Expecting such news, Aian and Aeton found themselves more than a little concerned when their hopeful faces were met with Serendipity’s serious one. The mild concern turned to full on panic when they were given the simple request, though they kept such alarm to themselves as they did as instructed.

The boys knew well enough of the traditions and magics that surrounded a birth in their culture, but their trust in Serendipity’s wisdom was unfaltering as they felt various magical barriers collapsing around them. Because of them. Aeton reached out to take his brother's hand, needing a tangible sense of reassurance from his brother beyond their normal psychic connection. Aian didn’t question the action, instead allowing his eyes to meet their identical match and giving the hand a squeeze as they followed Serendipity through the door and into the birthing room.

It was the silence that struck them first, even before they sensed their Ma and Aunt’s magic surging through the room. Aeton was nervously looking from one person to the next when he felt a sharp tug on his hand. Glancing across to his brother, he noticed the wide eyed, fearful stare and followed it’s path. A soft gasp escaped his lips when he noticed the unnaturally still form of their Mother laying on the bed.

Aian, ever the strong one, looked to his Aunt and Ma. He noticed the swirl of black in their eyes that indicated their use of magic. Knew that they were trying to bring his Mother back to life. He’d never known his Ma to not be able to bring a creature back of her own accord, so to see them working in tandem to find his Mother... there was clearly something incredibly wrong.

Aeton nodded his understanding of the situation to his twin as he moved to wrap his big arms around his Ma from behind while Aian did the same to Sokanon. They sensed that physical connection would aid in whatever was needed from them, but wanted - no, needed - to provide and likewise receive more comfort than simply resting a hand upon a shoulder. With tears welling in his eyes, Aeton rested his chin atop his Ma's shoulder while gazing down upon Aishe’s lifeless form and softly whispered, we’re here Ma.

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Re: [ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

Post by Akos » Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:59 am

Akos was no longer sure of how much time had passed, only that it had indeed passed. At one point she felt first Aian, then Aeton slide to the floor to sit cross legged, clearly weary but unwilling to leave. Soka had refused to leave her side, and Akos took comfort from her twins' ever present solidarity and strength as she leaned against her.

Akos paused in her work, not wanting to admit to what she was about to, nor ready to accept its meaning. She first glanced towards Varaan, meeting xer eyes fleetingly, but also with meaning, before turning towards the one person in the world who would fully comprehend the meaning of what she was about to say.

Serendipity had been with them throughout multiple lives, watching, waiting, protecting. She knew of, and understood, the bond between Akos and Aishe as none other could. Akos fought back the tears that threatened her composure and shook her head gently towards her friend, She’s not here.

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