[Game] Vampyr Rat's Are Swarming the City

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Re: [Game] Vampyr Rat's Are Swarming the City

Post by Bloodstone » Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:24 am

Returning from a foray into the hinterlands, I was surprised to see a vermin the likes of which I was unfamiliar.

Curiosity, tempered by ingrained woodcraft led me closer to examine the creature.

It quickly became obvious that this was not of nature but some fell abomination.

Nocking an arrow to bow, letting it fly...... draw sword and advance......

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Re: [Game] Vampyr Rat's Are Swarming the City

Post by Varann » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:30 am

Look at the rat xie found xie make a quick mental note for Night to give xer some lesson s in radiant based spells. Shadows are good but... well cant deal all that effectivly with creatures that thrive in the dark....

Xie wonders on to find the next rat as a shadow drag another rat into its inky depths


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Re: [Game] Vampyr Rat's Are Swarming the City

Post by Texas_Knight » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:53 pm

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Re: [Game] Vampyr Rat's Are Swarming the City

Post by Argenth » Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:31 pm

Walking along the walls the, the streets had quiet down again as the stream of complains had quiet down too. A rat tried to hid in near the darkside of the wall under a small pile of left over building materials. The rables was set ablaze as Argenth send a fireball above it. The fires quickly spread and the rat was soon forced to choose the decission it instictively knew was a bad idea, but as all other options had vanished, it leaped out from it's burning hiding spot. In the clear it was immidietly met by a bolt of lightning, disintegrating it in midair, it turned to dust before it hit the ground and instead the ashes was taken by the wind. "Another gone." Merek stated, confirming their kill thought it wasn't needed. "Aye, onwards it is then, wish I to return to my studies again soon." Argenth replied, as they moved forward.

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Re: [Game] Vampyr Rat's Are Swarming the City

Post by Duke_of_Earl » Tue Feb 19, 2019 10:14 pm

Having found nothing in B3 Duke plans to walk further down the road into C3, but pauses for a short nap, and wakes up to realize he's missed a few days and is now behind.
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Re: [Game] Vampyr Rat's Are Swarming the City

Post by Aishe » Sun Feb 24, 2019 2:10 am

It was with curious eyes that the vampire continued to inspect the stone fortification before her. Aishe picked at a piece of ice, chipping away at it with her nails. It was an interesting thought to consider everything these walls had seen and would some day see. Her subtle movements paused to the noise of footsteps. Hand lowering to her abdomen, she turned to find a young girl approaching with a steaming cup of what smelled and looked like tea.

My ma says it's not safe outside today. It's snowing and there's mean rats. The child offered the cup forward as she neared, dressed in a thick wool gown and a shawl thrown over her shoulders. She just made me this, but you can have it. I don't need it. Maybe your baby is cold. It will warm your baby when you drink it, since your baby is in your belly too.

With an arched brow, Aishe accepted the teacup. It was worn, with a small chip in the rim, but the heat it emitted was appreciated. Her gaze rose to scan the road, but found no one else approaching or coming for the child. A soft smile settled on her lips, the woman looking back to the child.

Thank you. Perhaps you ought to get back inside, then, if it's not safe. Where is your home?

Oh, it's just over there. A nonchalant wave was tossed in the direction of the buildings to the right. The girl was much more eager in her staring, eyes moving between the teacup and the queen's face. Are you gonna drink it? Don't tell ma, but I put extra sugar in it cause babies like sweet things.

Of course, of course. Aishe laughed, but rose the cup to her lips and took a sip. She fought to keep a grimace off her face, plastering a smile over her surprise. If she had to guess, it was mostly sugar than tea. Smothering a cough, she lowered the cup. It's delicious, thank you.

Do you want more! There was excitement in her question, which was posed more as a statement than anything else. The girl, ignoring the mostly filled cup, grabbed at Aishe's dress and began to pull her away from the wall. She went along with it, following the girl a few meters away to a door that had been left cracked open. The girl let go to push the door open, bounding in with the thrill of having a new friend in her home. Her excitement got the attention of someone upstairs, footsteps descending into view while Aishe awkwardly shut the door behind her to keep the warm air inside. She found a surface to sit the teacup down on as a woman appeared with a mild scowl.

Milla, I specifically told you not to go outside tod-- The woman, presumably the child's mother, stopped short when she spotted an unfamiliar face. The woman looked Aishe up and down, taken aback to find a finely dressed pregnant stranger in her entry way. Uh, is.. Everything okay?

Oh, yes, I'm sorry... I did not mean to intrude. Your daughter saw me outside and brought me tea. I was just returning her home. Aishe shifted slightly on her feet, uncomfortable both for being in a stranger's home and because, well, her feet were swollen to the size of hams! Or at least it felt that way. There was a weird mix of embarrassment and pride on the woman's face as she continued forward.

Please, do sit. The woman motioned towards the kitchen table, while moving towards the kettle on the counter. Why don't you get off your feet and have a proper cuppa before you go on your way?

It felt wrong to turn down the kind offer, particularly as the girl -- Milla, began pulling at her again. Offering a smile, Aishe proceeded to sit down with a happy sigh. She wiggled her toes in her boots, grateful for the pressure to be relieved. From there, a nice few cups of tea were shared with entertainment provided by the dramatic Milla, who went on with stories and kept the conversation between adults to a minimum. Time passed pleasantly, though. Once the kettle was empty, Aishe rose back to her feet and bid them farewell, parting ways as friendly acquaintances without any proper introductions having been said. It was refreshing, in a way, to be unknown and equal. It was with that fresh mindset and a belly full of tea that the Fenian queen continued down the streets on her merry way, not noticing her little beasties had long since disappeared - later to be discovered having gone to aid Akos.

Search D5.
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Re: [Game] Vampyr Rat's Are Swarming the City

Post by Ella » Sun Feb 24, 2019 1:12 pm

Pick 5 squares. The roll will be of a 5 sided dice instead of 6 (to eliminate losing turn). Because this game requires me to use photoshop, I've been falling behind plus I've been trying to give people time to post. I'm going to attempt to wrap up the game early. Thanks, everyone!
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  • @Aishe - (D5) nothing found
  • @Bloodstone - (A1) already searched, nothing found
  • @Akos - (no movement)
  • @Texas_Knight - (C1) nothing found
  • @Adamus - (I3, Dice Roll 5) rat found and succesfully killed
  • @Nikola - (G4, Dice Roll 3) rat found and sucesfully killed
  • @Argenth - (H10) nothing found
  • @Amnestria - (no movement)
  • @Duke_of_Earl - (C3) nothing found
  • @Mallory - (no movement)
  • @Balerion - (lost turn)
  • @Varann - (B8) nothing found
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Re: [Game] Vampyr Rat's Are Swarming the City

Post by Varann » Sun Feb 24, 2019 2:03 pm

Finding nothing xie move futher away from the city and aims for newer grounds

(A8, A9, A10, C8 and C9)

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Re: [Game] Vampyr Rat's Are Swarming the City

Post by Nikola » Sun Feb 24, 2019 3:32 pm

It would seem her lunch did attract the attention of at least one of the rodents she had been hunting. That, or the scent of fresh blood pulsing in the veins of a creature no longer on the move. Whichever it had been, she had gone still when she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye. Her weapon had been sheathed at her side when she sat down to eat so her only weapon at hand was the raw power roiling inside her. She continued to sit still as the rodent cautiously crept out from its hiding place and began its approach. It made a bold move, rushing at her from the left and she dropped her sandwich to point a forefinger at the creature, sending a bolt of light that hit the rat in a small explosion of flame. When the smoke cleared, only the charred carcass of the vampyr rat remained. A whimper nearby caught her attention and she turned to see the gaunt face of a stray dog peeking out from behind a broken crate. She wondered whether it was one of the many dogs who were either abandoned or who ran away after being left alone too long. It looked hungry, and so she picked up the sandwich and set it in front of the crate then walked away. She heard the scrabbling of paws over the crate and smiled as she heard the dog wolfing down the meal. Perhaps she would come back and look for the stray again and if she could coax it out of its hiding place, she might take it home and nurse it back to health. But for now there were more vampyr rats to dispose of. Turning south and then west, she continued the hunt.

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Re: [Game] Vampyr Rat's Are Swarming the City

Post by Akos » Tue Feb 26, 2019 1:36 am

L3 through to L7 please :)

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