[RP] The Forgotten Familial Connection

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Re: [RP] The Forgotten Familial Connection

Post by Ella » Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:34 pm

Ella laughed as Zehara proclaimed her habit of disappearing and reappearing from the shadows was highly annoying. Her eyes shift to a honied brow color it looked almost as if the irises sparkled despite the dull grey of the day. She listened as Ze explained her only interaction with the Fenian Royals was to throw snowballs into King Zuan's face. Another burst of laughter escaped her lips.

"He must like it or something, his name is Winterbourne so maybe that is it."

Zehara truly appeared to be excited about seeing the estate as she pranced about in a very faerie-like manner -- or at least how Ella imagined they would regularly move. Though on further thought, it was probably the idea of the deadly defenses she was imagining that had Ze all excited.

"We shall see," the halfling said as they neared the Nettlebane Tower. It sat right at the edge of the lake, surrounded by several acres of woods. The pair really didn't see it until they were standing right before its drawbridge. Ella raised a hand and murmured something only she could hear. As she did, the drawbridge slowly lowered to reveal a portcullis which led to the Tower.
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