Lost and Found (Braeden Caisle Castle)

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Lost and Found (Braeden Caisle Castle)

Post by Grayson » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:13 am

Grayson was out foraging and chopping wood as he needed supplies, his camp was set on the outskirts of Bravia. He woke up with a chill on the air and snow on the ground. He shook his head and wondered where the sudden snow and chill had come from. According to the proverbs and some of the people he had spoken with it was not supposed to get cold as it had gotten over night, so Grayson dressed accordingly and headed out of his tent. The runes on his body began to glow faintly as the weather tried to get to him but couldn't. He grabbed his bag for foraging as today did not seem to be a day for wood chopping. he headed out further than he had been so far as to find something new this day. He walked along picking his way through the snow and trees. Grayson found a small batch of shrooms, stopping to pick them he noticed that it had gotten a bit chillier. He pulled his cloak around his body a bit more and continued on as he did so he felt a warm pulsing sensation in the small ruby pendant that Alex had given him.

Grayson looked down at the pendant and noticed that there was a lessening of some glow coming from it. He walked forward a few steps looking around to see what he could see; turning back around and heading back on his footsteps he again felt the pulse, looked down and saw it pulsing this time, last time he felt it and this time he had seen it as well. Grayson grabbed what he had been aiming to get when he felt the second pulse. He turned back and headed out across the open plains that looked like it had once been fields. He slowed here and there picking up what was bits and pieces of old farm tools. Once he picked up a couple pieces of old broken lead ropes and some and what appeared to be reigns. Grayson shook his head as he walked along wondering what he was seeing and wondering at why he had felt that pulse in his pendant that Alex had given him.

Grayson came over a rise and there before him stood a castle, albeit run down, but a castle none the less. There were buildings on the outside of the walls and a huge gate, he stood looking at the place wondering whose castle was it? He started walking closer and inspecting the area as he did. As he walked his runes glowed slightly letting him know that some one or something was watching him. He continued walking scanning the area as he did, he used some of his mage sight to allow him to see a bit further than he would be able to normally. He quieted his foot steps and started walking in the shadows of the buildings he came across, his runes grew a bit brighter so he slowed down and looked around him, suddenly something hit him in the back of the head and shattered or exploded would be a better word i presume. Running his hand over the back of his head he brought forth snow, it seemed that some one had hit him with a snowball. He turned and saw a small figure darting behind a building as he started after the small figure another snowball hit him. Kids it had to be kids, but what were they doing way out here He made a few snowballs himself and then sent them in different directions, stepping out in the open caused some giggles and then some surprised gasp as snowballs landed on kids.

Grayson called out, " I give up" he held his hands up and watched as snow clad kids stumbled out from one was pulling a jacket off screeching and trying to get the snow from down her back.That's cheating she screamed she seemed to be in her early teens and the other two were younger boys who were giggling and laughing as they wiped snow off their faces. "Who are you kids and what are you doing out here?" She threw her jacket back on and shivered a bit as she smartly remarked we live here She walked closer and then asked Who are you and what are you doing here? My name is Grayson Black and I was out foraging and chopping wood when i came upon this place, What is this place? He looked up at the wall and then around the area. The girl said, My name is Rena, this is Bart and Clyde and this, she spread her arms out, is the Braeden Caisle Castle. Grayson stood awestruck as things started to click into his head. I have to go, but I will be back in a day or so! Grayson started glowing and then disappeared from in front of the kids.

Appearing in their house Grayson said, I found it and then dropped unconscious in the floor.

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Re: Lost and Found (Braeden Caisle Castle)

Post by Alexandria » Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:39 pm

Alexandria wasn’t happy. Some would say she was a tad bit grumpy most days. Why she didn’t know. What she did know as she was feeling sick all the time and Grayson wasn’t here to snuggle up to, even Sybil had disappeared. That darn cat was just as moody as she was and getting fat didn’t help the cat either. Alex wanted to laugh but it seems she rather throw up everything she ate. "Had I awaken in some parallel universe or something," she asked herself trying her best to hold on to her food. Her magick was so off center some spells backfired not to mention the aches her body parts had. 'Who has aches in their… their bosom… yea sure let's call them that,' she thought as she tried another spell.

"It’s going to work… it’s working… it’s … nope, it’s nooo…" she ran towards the door to toss the potion when Grayson appeared just in front of her.

I found it, he said dropping unconscious in the floor.

Alex didn’t have time to stop before she tripped over her unconscious husband dropping the potion. She tried to use her wind ability to push it out the window but it was too late. "No… no… no … no." Alex knew she couldn’t move Gray without help so she opens a portal underneath him and dropped them both out of the house an into the pond close to the house. Just as the potion combusted setting the house on fire. "Sorry sweetie" she said pulling Gray out of the water. She didn’t care the house was burning. She did care her sweetie was unconscious and on the ground. Pulling him into her lap, "darn you’re big and heavy", she said with a big smile. "I'm not complaining just saying it you know right.." trying to read his emotions. "Darn you!" The one person she would fall in love with and marry is the one person she could not read, emotion or mind. "What do you mean you found it?" she asks magically transporting them somewhere warm, and indoors. It was cold and they were wet. “You’re lucky I didn’t send us somewhere atop of a mountain, or in it. YOUR WELCOME!" She grumbles as she started another fire. This one was at least in a fireplace when she realized where they were. The one place she had not been since her grandfather died. Her grandfather Adonair school of magick.

She didn’t have time to feel the emotions she was feeling. Her home was burning and her husband was unconscious. "What… don’t say it" she mutter. Finding what she was looking for she peered into the glass mirror and watched as the last of their home went up in smoke. Sighing she realize she couldn’t be mad at anyone but herself. "Why all of sudden was her magick so out of sorts." Just as she asked that question her runs started to glow. She felt something for someone trying to reach out but it couldn’t not here. Her grandfather place was warded against bad magick or any magick other the families or students welcome into the school."So who was trying to reach out? and what had he found?"She looked back at her husband know that would have to wait until he woke up on his own.
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