{RP} The bloody madman has only gone and done it....

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{RP} The bloody madman has only gone and done it....

Post by Marcus_Aurelius » Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:08 pm

The sun peeked behind a cloud, momentarily casting a shadow over a man scowling in one of the alleyways off the town square. With several huffs the man tried to pull the creases out of his shirt, yet with every crease he seemed to remove, the effort caused another three to appear. With a final huff of anger he gave up the fight and stormed over to a water butt, checking out his reflection in the waters surface and scrubbing at some rather unsightly marks he had picked up on the road Well nowt to be done about that He murmured to himself as his eyes came to a rest on a particularly sightly welt developing on his cheek, a rather wonderful reminder of his time training with his sword against a tree, he still wasn't entirely sure how it had happened, but somehow he had missed every strike and wound up on the floor, it almost felt like the tree had hit him. Yet with a shrug he thought it must just be another one of the weird aspects of this land, for all he knew it was some sort of shape shifting transfiguring wolf fairy bitey vampire like root thing that can become a tree trunk when it needed, but alas he'd never know. He ran his hand through his hair in an effort to give it some sort of style as he bounded out into the town square and flipped over a handily placed crate, jumping on top of it pulling out a rather shoddily stitched together banner from the bag on his back

People of Fenia! He bellowed to the crowds milling around by this here banner of... he stole a quick sideways glance down at the banner as it unfurled from his hand, checking what exactly was on it again By this here banner of eagle and red I proclaim my birthright as a noble and with that intent I aim to be King here, for too long has a pretender ruled in my place, his halls growing stagnant with decadence and nepotism. I am to change that! For mine will be a fair and just rule, with position offered on merit not on the political connections of a creature. I will abolish silly laws and let all who wish to challenge my right do so freely and without my prior say so! He paused for a moment and bit his lip lost in thought Oh...and I will also do things, brilliant and great things! If you side with me then sign up, converse with me, aid the campaign! Can be done anonymously too if you think the powers that be might suppress you but fear not the tide of change is coming and the fake news from the administration about us all, will not stop change! He inhaled sharply, having done the last bit all in one breath and took a moment to compose himself after it, before dropping down off the crate and pinning a list to the side of a nearby building titled "Sign up here" and stood by it, hands on his hips looking all regal like

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Re: {RP} The bloody madman has only gone and done it....

Post by Zuan » Sun Mar 03, 2019 4:28 pm

The King was visiting nearby, examining the local markets and trade, always keen to see what goods were on offer within the Kingdom, not least because he quite often enjoyed the produce on offer, but also as it gave him a much better idea of the goings-on within the Kingdom. Wearing black leather boots and matching breeches – contrasted with a white silk shirt that was mostly covered by his usual worn leather jacket, which was half-done up, to reflect the weather as the gentle touches of spring began to appear in the air. The only symbols he held of royalty was his signet ring and chain of office, which glinted in the sunlight. As he examined a variety of blades at the blacksmith stall he heard the voice from afar.

The voice he knew well enough, afterall he had spoken with the individual on past occasions, and hearing the words across the market, he carefully walked through the market toward where Marcus was situated. It amused him somewhat, but certainly did not surprise him, afterall if Marcus wasn’t attempting to cause a scene somewhere then it would perhaps be stranger than this. He quietly leaned against a nearby pillar, to enable Marcus to finish his speech, before stepping out into the small square to approach him. He at this point had two choices – option one was to cart Marcus off in chains, he had only corresponded with the man not two days before, explicitly explaining why Marcus could not run to become Monarch, and so now he had broken the law. But guards, threats and conflict – in a crowded market – now that would be a poor choice.

So instead he walked forward and tilted his head toward Marcus, his signature smirk across his face, in truth he could not hide his amusement.
“I must say Marcus, you often find yourself to have a way with words, alas, it could not be used in manners that did not create crime and discord, but I suppose we must all concede to our nature from time to time.” He looked directly into Marcus’ eyes for a moment before continuing. “Now, as we both know, I recently sent you a letter, responding to your request to become Monarch, which the council and I denied due to your recent histories of causing unpleasantries within other nations, not to mention you recent disappearance which brought into question your suitability to for such an office. What is more, we are a Monarchy, not a republic – the crown which is passed between all hands that crave it is often lighter for all the pieces of gold that past hands have chipped from it.”

He carefully moved further forward, so the distance between him and Marcus was narrowed somewhat. ”So, if that is the case – as the laws of this nation state – then why Marcus do I not simply allow the guards to take you to the nearest cell? Because despite your claims of what was it? Nepotism and stagnation? I like to converse with my citizens, even those which indeed seek to break the laws of this land. This is neither Kiene or Bravia where complaints will fall on deaf ear or council will not respond. So here I am, keen to respond.” He paused again/ ”Where to begin? Stagnant kingdom? Yet we alone have the largest and most profitable Kingdom in the known realms, with the most active council and loyal citizens. Even the mages can attest to those truths I am sure. In truth, even this single conversation proves that talking point of yours mute.” He said with a gentle grin. ”As for your claim of nepotism, while I am most glad that my wonderful wife has granted me a son, I am not quite sure he is quite fit enough for public office just yet, but I will keep you informed. Furthermore, no one on my council is of my blood – so as you can see – nepotism again false.” His smile did not change as he continued on. ”As for decadence, I am unsure, I do not waist the Kingdoms coffers on decorating myself in gold, rather by providing citizens with funds to improve their lives who in turn improve this Kingdom. As I have stated this nation has created great wealth these past five years, thanks to the hard work of my councillors who you claim to be ‘political’ and not based upon ‘ability’. Yet I would argue you will find few greater minds in the realm than those who sit on Fenia’s council and advise this nation, for if you did, you might find nations with more wealth, activity and citizens – yet that you will struggle to find.”

He paused again, letting the silence sit before reaching Marcus’ final point. ”As for the Monarchy. I have said all these years, we are a Kingdom ruled by a Monarch advised by brilliant minds and guided by the sole aim of keeping this Kingdom safe and enabling it to thrive. It has thrived, when others have sunk. If you wish to seek a land that freely elects it’s leaders, I am sure Bravia would welcome another hand, if you wish to play Monarch I am sure Kiene’s Monarch elections will suit you. This is the Kingdom of Fenia, where one Monarch rules till the day they die – the crown is not an item we pass around the room, it is the symbol of this nation, and rest assured, I will protect it with all the strength I have to assure we never fall to the wayside like others, and to assure that this nation remains strong and free from threat.”

He then nodded softly to Marcus. ”I know your attitude comes from a good place at times Marcus, so if you wish to help the nation of Fenia, I will welcome you to advise and help grow this nation like all our citizens do. If however you seek chaos and disorder then you and I are opposites, I will make that clear to you now. Over these past five years I have worked with those who once called me foe, who perhaps wished me dead, only for us to shake hands and work together for the betterment of this nation. I offer you that same choice, to work for this Kingdom and not against it. But if you continue this path, to attempt to run and break laws in the process then as I say – we stand opposite one another.” He said, carefully looking into the mans eyes as he said those final words. Because every word he said, he meant, and he would not blink first when it came to the protection of the jewel that was the Kingdom of Fenia.

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