[ORP] A Much Needed Change

This is where the Kingdom of Fenia's main Inn is.

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[ORP] A Much Needed Change

Post by Rowena » Sun May 12, 2019 1:06 am

The journey was a long and tiresome one, but one that needed to be made. The strictness had become too much, and the last that was wanted was an arranged marriage. It was part of the way things were, to keep it “pure”. Outsiders were unwelcome, and it did not feel right. There needed to be a change, and that is exactly what was going to happen, even if it ended in her death. She hoped that it would not end in her death though. She was far from ready for the afterlife. She still had a long life ahead of her, provided she received the help that she needed.

It took her three months to reach the Kingdom of Fenia. Mostly it was due to getting lost and misunderstanding what few leads she could obtain from locals, but finally she had arrived. She was worn down and covered in dirt from the last long stretch of travel. Usually she kept herself clean and well cared for, but she was ready to meet her cousin.

As she walked into the last town, she found an Inn and was all too happy to enter it. The place was practically empty, which she was glad for as she would like to have as much privacy as she could to regain herself. The only one there was the tavern wench. She smiled warmly and inquired about a room, bathing, hot meal and some hot tea. The wench seemed all to ecstatic to take her coin, pointing her the direction of the upstairs rooms, and the bathing room. The wench assured the traveler that a meal and tea would be ready when she was done.

She made her way to the upstairs, quickly finding an empty room. She unpacked her sack of few things, grabbing a fresh set of clothes, then made her way to the bathing room. A small groan left her pale lips as she settled into the warm waters. Leaning back, she allowed the waters to ease her aching body before she began washing up. Spending a good 45 minutes on scrubbing all the dirt and mud off her body, and then working on getting it all out of her hair. Once she was satisfied with how clean she was, she got out, dried off, and dressed in a simple green dress. She left her white hair out of the braid it was once in and made her way out to the tavern for her meal and tea.

She paid the wench, taking a seat near the fireplace to let the heat from it warm her now chilled body, and dry her hair the rest of the way. She sat, eating in silence, watching the empty tavern and praying that her cousin would come. This is the general location she was given by locals that Aishe was in. Sitting back, having finished her meal, she holds her tea to her, sipping it, watching the door. The nervousness started to hit her as she realizes just what she had done. There was no turning back now, and she hoped that her cousin AIshe would be able to help her. It had been years since they had last seen each other. Closing her eyes, she allows the memories fill her mind.

The day was cold yet sunny, children were running about the camp. She laughs happily watching them. She chases after them as though she has nothing better to do. It was not long that her mother came up to her, pulling her away from the children.

“Your father wants to speak with you.” It was not a simple sentence. It was a demand. She nods and heads off to her father, leaving the children to continue to play, and her mother heading back to the cooking for that evening meal.

It did not take long for her to locate her father, he motioned for her to close the door. She obediently did so. She wondered what there was to discuss that was so serious. It would not be long, for as soon as she closed the door, he began.

“You will be married by the end of this month. There will be no disagreeing. Your mother and I have found the perfect match for you, so you will not be disappointed.” He did not even bother to look up from his papers as he spoke. She stood there shocked. She was still young and was far from ready to be married.

“Father, I beg you, please do not force me to marry. I am still young and have yet to travel! I wish to see the world.” He slammed his hand down on his desk, looking up at his daughter.

“You have no choice in this. You will be marrying by the months end, and you can forget about traveling unless it be the wish of your husband. You will be staying here until the time comes. Now go and do your work.” Clinching her fists, she left her father. Tears streamed from her eyes as she began her evening work. The plan to leave would soon become action. She would not be staying with her family much longer.

She shoots straight up, looking about. She had drifted off to sleep, and her tea was now cold, setting on the table in front of her. The memory of her father had startled her. She looked down at her shaking hands.

“He will never forgive me for what I have done.” She murmured to herself. “None of them will forgive me...” She sighs, brushing a stray hair from her face before wiping her tears away. “Aishe, I pray you can help me. I am going to need all the help I can get.”

After getting the shaking somewhat under control, she picks her tea and begins to sip it, despite it being cold. The tavern still appeared to be empty, and for that she was glad as she did not want anyone to see her in a weakened state. She had braved the elements of the cold world to get here. No one should see her break down.

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