Coming so Far, Even further to Go (ORP)

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Coming so Far, Even further to Go (ORP)

Post by Amnestria » Sat May 25, 2019 1:09 am

The day had grown into the late night as Amnestria sat in her office going over document after document. There was much to be done, not only for the city, but for the entire kingdom of Fenia. As the fire grew dim, she stopped and threw some more wood onto it. She smiled warmly and made her way over to the window. She had come to a good resting spot, and her sight had grown a bit blurry.

Looking out on the city of Fenia, she grinned as she remembered just how far she had come. Amnestria had started out in Paz, Bravia after she had traveled long and far from what she had once called home. Spending her days out on the lake fishing, she had grown bored and needed something more to do, so she had become People’s Representative, and then everything seemed to change rather quickly.

Amnestria could not help but grin even more as she leans against the wall of her little office, looking at her desk that was scattered with papers and books. Though she looked at her desk, her mind was years away.

In her free time, she spent it within the Mysts. She had come to make many friends and became close to King Zuan and Queen Aishe. Bravia was a wonderful place, and though she loved it, she was not really all that happy there. The market seemed very bare, and she did not like having to bother people for what she needed. Upon many talks with King Zuan, Amnestria made the decision to move to Fenia. It was the best move she had made. She was Lady in waiting to Queen Aishe, Research Herald, and just recently Mayor of Fenia City. She had moved forward rather quickly, and very much enjoyed it. The more work she had to do, the better life seemed to be, and she owed it all to the King and Queen. Without them she would still be fishing out on the lake of Paz.

Amnestria chuckled and made her way back to her desk, cleaning up her papers and restacking her books. She sat down, watching the fire burn, giving off a warm glow. Everything she was now she had never once dreamed of. She looked back out the window and sighed softly. Whoever her parents were and wherever they were, she hoped that she had made them proud.
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