[ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

This is where the Kingdom of Fenia's main Inn is.

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Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Post by Duke_of_Earl » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:04 pm

Duke and his entourage enter the Fesitival Grounds with a cart full of goods and materials.
Finding a good spot, Grandfather and Sofie begin setting up a confectionary stall for the attendees to buy some sweets while Karina carries duke in her arm to the registration area by the arena to sign in for his duel.
Taters: 27.00
Cheesecake: 23.45
Sb. Milk: 23.45
Egg Soup: 5.25
Cheese or Cream: 16.00
Upon arriving and waiting in line, Karina pulls Dukes official stamp out of her pocket to press to a piece of paper, then walks into the crowd looking for Queen @Akos who will be Dukes dueling partner that day.
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Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Post by Akos » Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:09 am

Akos was late. It seemed that she was always running late these days, despite her ability for shadow travel. Everything was rapidly becoming more difficult to do; getting her shoes on, standing up from a low chair. Akos knew to expect such issues having given birth to twins once before, but it didn't lessen her annoyance and having to go through the experience again.

None of this lessened her determination however to compete in the tournament at the festival. She was going to be useless for most things soon enough, so there was no way she was missing one last opportunity to knock a few heads around. With a groan she pushed herself up and off the comfortable chair she'd been sitting in, and pulled herself into the shadows, appearing moments later at the festival grounds.

She paused long enough as the shadows faded back to look at the environment. It seemed the festival was indeed already in full swing, as were the duels. Not entirely sure how many duels had already been completed, Akos felt it best to make her way across to the dueling arena just to be safe. She perched herself where she could get a decent view of the duelists and started to limber up as best as could, waving to @Duke_of_Earl when she spotted him and his person not too far away.

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