Information: The Viceroyalty of Fenia

This is where the Kingdom of Fenia's main Inn is.

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Information: The Viceroyalty of Fenia

Post by Aishe » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:27 pm

Disclaimer: Not a discussion thread. Subject to be updated and added to as necessary. Suggestions, corrections, concerns welcomed. (PM only)

Image The Kingdom of Fenia [Wiki] Image

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy [Laws]
Current Monarch: His Royal Majesty, Zuan Winterbourne, High King of Fenia
-- Wives: Queen Aishe and Queen Akos
-- Heir: Prince Anraí
Current Viceroy: Queen Aishe

Fenian Monarchs, in order:
• King Project LVI, first King of Fenia
• Queen Maria the Kind
• King Michael
• Sith Queen Scarlette
• Regency of Vicerine Morghain
• High King Zuan

Viceregal Seat: The Imperian Royal Palace (Fenia City) [Photo References] [Forum]
-- The original castle of Fenia was destroyed when the capital was moved to Fenia City. The ruins of the Fenian castle can be found outside of Imperius.
-- Services: Royal Court [Forum], the Royal Privy, the Fenian Embassy, Fenian Military Center
-- Inquiries about involvement welcomed to King Zuan, Queen Aishe, or the appropriate Councillor.

Official Language: Fenian
-- Luciva (also known as 'common tongue') is widely and dominantly spoken across Fenia due to the high migration status between Kiene, Bravia, and Fenia.
-- A wide array of languages are spoken in Fenia with no restriction. The official language is not strictly enforced.

Capital: Fenia City
-- Originally, the capital was Imperius. This changed under Queen Scarlette and the regency of Vicerine Morghain. The change occurred when New Kiene was created with the withdraw of Fenian city, Widu (later followed by Bravian city, Cork). The move of the capital was to move the seat of Fenian power away from the border and safely at the center of the kingdom.
Cities: Fenia City [Forum], Imperius [Forum], North Fenia [NPC], Athena [NPC], Rome [NPC]
-- Widu [Forum] was originally Fenian, but is now Kiene.

Climate: Moderate, with warm summers and frigid winters. [Standard Regional Maps]
-- Northern Fenia is home to dense forests, with a small range of mountains. The weather here is usually harsher, particularly in winter.
-- Southern Fenia is more temperate, with the Fenian beaches and sunshine. It can still snow here during the winter, however, and has been known to have chillier summers than the Viceroyalty of Bravia.

Additional Notes:
-- Fenia is a kingdom that has always prided itself in military strength, from its creation in the Empire of Secfenia to present day.
-- Kingdom of Fenia has a very active population.
-- Involvement of citizens is encouraged. New ideas are always welcomed, including the creation of new positions and roles in Fenia.
-- Fenia has nobility. Advancement through the nobility system is a possibility for anyone.

[OOC Note: Fenia is modeled after a Renaissance-period England. Style of clothing, mannerisms, and customs are mirrored similarly within the RP Kingdom of Fenia, but this does not define the Kingdom 100%. Being a fantasy setting with a large array of creatures, religions, history, cultures, customs, etc., the interpretation of "Renaissance-period England" is loose and adjusted to fit this world. "Renaissance-period England" can be a gentle guide and RL reference to those getting their feet within this world and Kingdom, while defining the general feel of Fenia in comparison to its neighbours.]
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