Following the silver lining

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Following the silver lining

Post by Cassiopeia » Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:41 pm

The inn was quiet at that time of day. Most patrons were already sleeping and those who didn't were too far gone into their liquor to cause any stir. On the last level of the establishment, one single window still filtered the dancing orange light of an oil lamp resting on the sill. The room it lit was comfortable but modest with its L shape. By the door was a vanity with a small mirror upon which rested a comb, some makeup, a beautiful bottle of perfume and some other knickknack necessary for women to prepare themselves. Facing it was the bed; a soft mattress resting on a low base with no posts, bedhead or foot but an inviting embrace full of warmth and sweet dreams... At least when its tenant managed to sleep. Blankets of different colours were thrown on it and the two pillows were piled in the middle. When in bed, Cassiopeia could see in front of her a simple screen of a creamy colour which hid the majority of a wooden tub lined with linen both for comfort and to make cleaning faster. The whole place was bathed in a soft scent of roses and bergamot which was known to float around the lady that rented the room.

Lying on her stomach, the lass was following with a finger the lines in a thick book. Its smell of dust and old age floated to the nephilim's nose, reminding her of the years she had spent studying in her own realm to be prepared in becoming a gracefully mannered and educated princess. A smile, a sigh, she pushed those ideas further back in her mind and pursued her investigation into this strange ritual. Her cheek found a resting place on her fist, eyes running on the words eagerly to absorb their knowledge. It would require so much energy. She could see it from here... Not mentioning the disturbance it would certainly cause within an unknown range. Her heavenly blue eyes glanced up to the candle burning on the vanity. It flickered with a tendril of black smoke. Maybe if she called to beings that still held a strong bond to Moonfire... After all, a presence by summoning was not the same as one that had physically gone through all the layers that separated Ysgard from the material plane. She would have to gather energy deep in her own well. Maybe she wasn't strong enough after all... The book clapped. It was time to try to sleep even though she struggled badly with it.

Cassiopeia got up to her feet and walked to the vanity, leaning to snuff out the candle but something held her back. Her eyes moved up to the mirror and she examined her silhouette carefully. Her soft silvery hair cascaded along her face and upper body, her smooth skin had a natural glow that the shining moon made evidently more unnatural, her eyes had the colour of clear summer skies with perpetual softness in the flicker of grey they bore. Moonfire's princess resisted the urge of criticizing mentally everything she saw and blew out the vacillating flame. She made sure for the fourth time her door was bolted shut and moved to the window. She rolled the delicate knob to lower the wick. The room suddenly fell to darkness. The nephilim lass didn't mind too much as she saw through them albeit only in black, white and shades of grey. Her lithe shape slipped under the blanket with a sigh. Ibrahyn had said perhaps she needed something grounded in the material plane which would make her feel at home or, at least, welcome into this new world. His first suggestion was to sleep beside someone who gave her that good influence... Sadly there was no one her heart could call to. Her brother had then said she could potentially find the same comfort with something else. An object, a thought. Still her mind couldn't summon anything save for the void which had seeped and invaded the pit of her stomach.

"Another night..." she whispered to herself, glancing out the window to the pale moon.

Her silhouette rolled to the side and her eyes closed. That night, she slept just as badly as before and it steeled her resolve. She had to go through with the ritual whatever the cost. Preparation wouldn't be easy. but it was worth it she was sure of it.

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