(ORP) Awake and Come Forth

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(ORP) Awake and Come Forth

Post by Morjiana » Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:37 pm

(OOC: All welcome. Not really sure where this is going, but felt like putting down the few thoughts I'd had on how Morjiana came back.)

It was dark, which was odd, because usually a little light crept around the curtains over the small windows in her vardo. Morjiana blinked and reached to rub her eyes, only to graze her knuckles against rough wood. She froze, knowing now that something was deeply wrong. She wasn't in her vardo or in a bed at all. She gingerly felt around her to discover rough planks on all sides, her breath becoming short, shallow, and fast as she explored with her fingertips. There was little to explore, her body closely confined by a plain hewn wooden box on all sides that she could reach. She could feel the same rough planks beneath her back.

Morjiana tried to force her breathing to slow. "Hello?" she said, her voice sounding faint to her own ear. "Is anyone there?" she called more loudly. She reached out with her other senses, seeking auras near her, but found nothing. Her breathing threatened to become ragged again, and she willed herself to slow, deep breaths, trying not to picture the air in her box becoming thinner with each breath she drew. I'll wait, she thought, and someone will come. After all, I can't have been here long. Someone will return soon.


It was hard to be patient. Morjiana had no way of knowing how much time had passed, but it had been more than long enough for whoever had put her here to return, if they'd ever had any intention of returning. Her stomach gnawed at her and her limbs ached with enforced stillness. She'd called out periodically, hoping for an answer. All she'd learned was that the sound of her voice was absorbed as if her box was wrapped in something. The longer she had to think on that, the more her fear grew. It was hard to deny that this felt like a coffin, and hard to deny that her coffin was likely buried.

She felt once more around the boards at the sides and top of the coffin, seeking crevices or weaknesses that might let her escape. Just as before, there were none. Morjiana pressed against the boards with all her strength, scrabbling at the cracks between the boards her fingernails. She'd been left here for dead. No one was coming. The panic was rising, and this time she couldn't fight it back.

She finally managed to force one board a little away from the others, resulting in a trickle of dirt that ran over her face and neck. Her panic spiked, and tears she was unaware of mingled with the dirt as they rolled down her face. She pried harder at the loosened board, afraid of what would happen if she managed to break it free, but unable to stop herself. The fear of being trapped and alone in the dark drove her forward, against good sense. She felt a surge of strength and the board shifted a little more. Dirt poured in faster, getting in to her mouth and eyes. The board broke at last and fell over her chest, the weight of the heavy earth bearing down on her quickly now. Morjiana knew she would die here, and desperately tried once more to cry out. Her voice wouldn't come, but a light seeped out of her, dimly at first then quickly growing brighter as it contacted the earth pouring in around her. It culminated in a flash of blinding white light that blew apart the coffin and lifted Morjiana out of the earth. For a second, she hovered in view of the stars and the night sky. Then she fell to the ground in a heap of thin limbs and pale flesh,senseless once more.
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