Changes CoC- Sections 11 and 16 Updated

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Changes CoC- Sections 11 and 16 Updated

Post by Amaryllis » Mon Sep 16, 2019 12:07 am

Two code of conduct updates that will be effective October 6th, 2019:

1) Section 11: Private Identities

No one may post any content, quoted or paraphrased, that includes any identifying real life information about another player (i.e. pictures, age, location, etc) that is not publicly given and consented to. A player's visible timezone in game is only available if the player consents to it. Always be safe when it comes to your personal information. Never share messenger/email information in public forums. Players are not permitted to discuss for any reason who the Identities of players, NPC's, Elders or Mages are via any medium. If you suspect a player of violating our Terms of Service, contact Amaryllis directly and privately.

Summary of Change: Changed Zachrin to Amaryllis

2) Section 16: Complaints, Appeals and Disciplinary Actions

E: Starting a new thread or contributing to a new thread that is a continuation of a thread that has been locked is considered disregarding the instructions of the Moderation team. If you object to the thread being closed, you can contact the next person up the chain to appeal the decision. In the end, a member of our Administrative Team has the final say on any decision to lock a thread.

Summary of Change: Changed Zachrin to member of our Administrative Team