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Post by Duke_of_Earl » Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:03 pm

((OOC: This thread is for healers and the inured to interact with one another. It is governed by the rules of Elysium: neutral ground where no violence is brooked; and the vows of the pilgrims of the Order of Mucaz / (and the members Order of Meridian if their vows are similar). It is open to all healers and the injured on both sides.))


((Post 6 - Begins after the resolution of initial combat))

Sofie and a team of roustabouts arrive on site with their gear and begin erecting a tent for the medical staff and patients.
Grandfather had arrived with them, but found there was nothing really for him to do here, and so was sent back to the camp to look after the horses. Karina and Duke are periodically both on site as well.
When the construction finishes, Sofie will join the healers; but only as a last recourse for the most significant of emergency situations.
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Re: (ORP) MASH Tent

Post by Madeliefie » Thu Sep 26, 2019 7:35 am

The world tilted and spun. She felt a burning nausea that was worse than the pain from her wounds. How could nausea burn? She wondered vaguely. It didn't matter. She just needed it to stop. 

She stumbled towards a tent, holding on to trees to keep herself upright. "Come on," she told herself, "just a little bit further. This is nothing. You've been in worse condition before. You just have to keep going."

Another part of her brain wondered why she bothered. Surely it would be simpler to just lie down and let nature take its course. She should have died a long time ago, why keep fighting to live when every breath hurt? It was not as though she would be leaving a grieving family behind.

She kept moving anyway. She closed her eyes to stop the dizziness and to stop herself from thinking about how far away that tent was. When she opened them again she was on the edge of the clearing with the opening of the tent just in front of her. 

"Help, poison, bleeding." Her voice sounded strange in her own ears, raspy and faint. She bent over coughing. "Make it stop!" She was pleading now. 

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Re: (ORP) MASH Tent

Post by Sofie » Thu Sep 26, 2019 7:58 am

Sofie heads to the front of the tent at the sound of the new arrival to place arm around her under the shoulder and lead her to a cot.
"I've got you, you'll be alright." -she says softly and calmly.
She points to a nearby cleric with her other arm and says more authoritatively.

"You: charcoal, 2 raw eggs - walnuts if you can't find eggs, ginger root, salty fish - take it off the cats horse; bring them here to me in a bowl with a pestle."

She points to another cleric.
"You: Bandages and Aloe-vera."

she points to a third.
"You: Cuppa-tea, bit of cornstarch in it".

Softens her voice again.
"Alright, young miss, right this way."
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