[CRP] Me against you

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[CRP] Me against you

Post by Cassiopeia » Wed Oct 02, 2019 5:06 pm

Even though the temperature wasn't that low, the continuous and persistant drizzle filtering through layers of clothes was enough to dampened the collective mood in Imperius. Candles were seen shedding their yellow tint in plain daytime trying to bring some more light to an otherwise completely gray day. Even the colours of autumn seemed to be washed out in those conditions. Of course, Cassiopeia and Leandros could've been reasonable and postpone their duel to a better day. That was without taking into account honour and the fact that both knew true battle never waited for good weather to happen. If anything, the practice would be even more satisfying and efficient in those circumstances. The night before, the Knight had held the Nephilim's hand discreetly and had whispered of possibilities to get to know each other. Earlier today, he had made clear his change of heart and had decided to not risk his loyalty be jeopardized or questioned by engaging into any kind of proximity regarding romance. Getting to know each other better and keeping the options open were too threathening to that mask of coldness he wished to wear. The young woman had not yet the idea germinating into her mind that perhaps it wasn't so much what he used as a justification that was the issue but something related to fear... Fear to hurt or to be hurt. Fear of failure even, maybe? That would all be resolved in due time... Down the line and with good exchanges between them.

For now, they stood face to face on the duelling ground, holding their weapons. Cassiopeia had struggled to do her hair herself and had opted for a ponytail in the end; it was simple enough for her to do while good to keep her silvery locks out of her eyes. Usually, she wore them into two Dutch braids that one of her lady-in-waiting made for her... Alas! That luxury hadn't followed her trails down the path for more freedom. She wore breeches of good quality, but not a high one, with a long tunic going down mid-thigh, tied to her waist with a simple belt. She had dropped the cloak a few meters away to not get tangled in it.

Her blue eyes examined her opponent, scanning for weaknesses in his stance and his defense, trying to figure out his fighting style and what moves she should expect of him. It was always very exciting to go against a new target. It was filled with unknown challenge. She smiled at him after bowing in good sportsmanship and took position again, waiting for the official to give the signal to start. Her blood was rushing from all the anticipation. Her heart was beating fast with excitement. Soon, metal against metal would resonnates around them in a tricky dance to victory. And only one could win.

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