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Post by Maxx »

Maxx yelled to Salina as he dashed towards the sails.

Leave it to Camlost to get that ship moving so fast. He is an excellent sailor.

He could hear how serious her voice was getting. Maxx struggled to drop the sails and slow them down. He wondered if the ship had a sea anchor. Salina would do a great job steering the ship but he needed to help slow them down and fast. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the strange bird and heard its call, but there was not time to focus on that.

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Post by Camlost »

Cam's ship was moving faster and faster towards Sal and Max's, he saw them busy slowing the speed of the ship, dropping the sails and moving the helm.
When the time came, Cam started to turn the ship in the opposite direction.
A drop of sweat fell from his forehead, perhaps he had waited too long ...
The ships' hulls touched for a moment, crawling slightly, and then everything went smoothly and Cam found himself in the lead again.

and while he was speeding past them, he shouted:


he immediately burst into a resounding laugh, almost accompanied by the strange bird that immediately start to scream and now seemed to be moving towards Sal and Maxx's ship.

he looked back and saw that the strange bird was taking advantage of a new, better current, leading the way back to the ship, Cam realized that he was somehow teaching us to navigate better.
Maybe we'll have to give it a name ...

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Post by Salina »

Sal took a deep breath when the ships sailed smoothlier again.

We are not slow, we are responsible, Cam! Responsible!

She shoted at him laughing. He managed to scare her.

Moved her eyes to the sky, following Camlost's head and noticed the bird.

Love, what is that bird? I think it liked the ships. And will be great if we can pet it and use it to delvier goods between ships. She was still laughing, in happy mood moved to Maxx and slid into his arms.

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Post by Maxx »

Maxx accepted her embrace, he was sweating from the close encounter of the ships. Thankfully no ship was damaged.

Now about this bird, it seemed quite knowledgeable about the sea and the winds. Maxx knew nothing of the birds in this land.

My love, lets offer it some food to see if it will land. It would be great to make a friend of this bird.

They continued racing with Cam and Sy. What a wonderful afternoon with the sea breeze in their hair and salt on their skin. They would have a grand feast tonight with their friends Camlost and Symphony, eating fish they had caught. Maybe their new friend the sea bird would join them. Life was so pleasant with friends and on the sea. He pulled Salina tighter in his arms and kissed her.
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