An Unexpected Arrival

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An Unexpected Arrival

Post by Amnestria » Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:10 pm

The months seemed to have passed by so quickly. She had thrown herself into her work with the Queen. Doing everything she could to make Fenia a better place. At one point she had gotten injured and lost her memories of her mate, though they were not exactly mates at the time. It had yet to be established, but he had returned and with the help of Varann, she regained her memories.

Things moved quickly once Venn returned. She spent a few days with him in her small one bedroom cottage, and they had declared their love for one another. Amnestria couldn’t be any more happy than she already was. Within a week her belly started to grow, but she thought nothing of it until her friend Zipporah mentioned something about a baby coming soon. She was of course in disbelief. It did not take her long to figure out that what Zipporah said was truth. Her belly continued to grow bigger everyday, and her immediate concern was that of Aishe's.

Aishe seemed to take the news better than Amnestria expected. She wasn’t dead, so she took that as a major plus. Now the time was nearing closer and closer with each passing day, and Amnestria was getting to the point where it bothered her to walk long distances. She took a leave of absence from her duties and the castle, having found a cave far from the city. Venn helped greatly with making it as homely as possible, as well as getting a few clansmen to help build the nest.

Amnestria sighed with relief upon entering the cave. It was spotless, warming, and filled with some of her books from the cottage. There was not many shiny treasures about, and that made her even happier. She walked around the nest, gently running her fingers over it. The nest took up the majority of the cave, but she still hoped that it was big enough. Scales were already forming over her body, as the tine to transform into her dragon state was quickly approaching. Amnestria smiled warmly to Venn.

“I am ready to have our little one.” She said as she waddled over to him and wrapped her arms around him as best as she could. “What do you think it will be? A boy or a girl?”
Days past and still the egg had not yet come, and she had already made the careful transformation into her dragon form for delivery. Amnestria was growing restless and decided that perhaps a small walk would do her some good. Venn was out of town helping a friend, and so she decided to make her way towards The Mysts. She entered the tavern and was welcomed warmly. Venn had also returned to town shortly after she entered the tavern. It was a nice warm welcome. As she laid there getting some very relaxing belly rubs from Zipporah, Amnestria found that she had to sneeze. A few deep breaths in and she let out a rather loud sneeze. Almost instantly she knew that something did not feel right. She sat up quickly and looked to where her behind use to be, to find that she had been laying in a wet spot and there at the edge of it rested her beautiful red and black egg. She sat there frozen, staring at the egg.

“Um…Venn…” she had said softly. She looked to him, unsure of what to do. Amnestria had not thought that the time had been this close. She had not felt much different.

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