[ORP]Battle in Widu

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[ORP]Battle in Widu

Post by Aingeal »

{ooc: This is Aing's take on the battle. According to my events, there were three separate battles. I kept the battle generic as to not Godmod anyone particular, nor did I state anyone died. Free for anyone to join!}

A month had passed, and things were quiet. Aingeal and her family had settled into Widu well, and the others that moved with her were helping to make the town prosperous again. A few good citizens had come from Fenia and Imperius, to help bring new life and new friends to Widu. Some that did not like being under the Royal Crown, left and made their homes elsewhere. Others that were loyal to the town, stayed to help rebuild. The markets were good, trade was starting and life was prosperous.

Aingeal had just started her second term, and she was happy. Thirty days had passed, and she had sent for her daughter. Aingeal missed her something fierce. Her saphire eyes and her red curls bouncing were one of Aingeal’s highlights every day she saw them. Every day with Amara was an adventure, and at five years of age, Aingeal had already started teaching her to fight. She wasn’t sure what Anessen might think of that, but her father had taught her at that age, and Aingeal would do the same. She would teach Amara to be brave, strong and willing to defend just as her mother.

The day started simply enough. Red curls bouncing in to wake her mother up. Breakfast then off to the town hall they went. Aingeal didn’t mind taking Amara with her, Anessen usually liked to go to the uni, and the Catherdral was no place for a boisterous five-year-old, let alone a mini Aingeal. Aingeal was in enough trouble for sneaking in and breaking windows, and she didn’t want to get any more looks from Anessen, or give him cause to use the gift from TK, though on the other hand….

The pair went to the market, looking through the stalls and talking to the peasants that were selling their wares that day. Aingeal treated them just as she treated everyone with compassion and respect. She ensured that even if no one bought their wares, Aingeal made sure she bought something by the end of the day to make sure they had coin for their families. If one needed food, she was quick to send Rania with some. No one would go hungry if she could help it. After the market they swung by the courthouse, just to be sure that everything was in order, before going back to the town hall. Pulling out the hamper she pulled out Amara’s lunch and sat the child at the table while she took a seat at the desk.

A nagging feeling crept up on her, and she looked at her daughter. Amara was happily munching away and talking to herself as she usually did. Perhaps the child had an imaginary friend or a spirit that guided her. By the mages, perhaps Amanda looked over the child. A breeze came through the window, and the scent of flowers was on the air. Aingeal chuckled to herself, thinking Amanda was watching. If your there Amanda, look where we are now…. she said to the air. Then the nagging feeling returned. Something wasn’t right, something was off. Aingeal muttered to herself as she went through the papers Your being paranoid, she muttered to herself. It’s been quiet. Too quiet actually. A piece of parchment caught her eye, one she hadn’t seen before. Picking it up she read then tucked it in her pocket. The wind blew again and carried the scent of flowers on the air. The nagging feeling wouldn’t go away. It was almost as a whisper telling her what she needed to do.

Pulling out another piece of parchment she dashed off orders. She defended the town daily, watching over the militia and conversing with them at night. She always did her rounds, then crawled into her bed. But she didn’t want to be alone this night. She let her friends know that she was uneasy, and that she might call upon them if needed and to be prepared. Most were prepared already, but it never hurt to stay that way. She ensured that Amara was locked up tight in bed with Rania as guard, She headed to the tower with one of the peasant guard.

Sitting in the tower she watched the horizon. She was most likely being silly, but she was duty-bound to protect the town in the name of the crown. For hours nothing seemed to be amiss. She napped slightly, her guard keeping watch. Close to dawn, the guard nudged her awake. M’lady, there is movement on the horizon, he told her. Aingeal jumped to her feet. A line of movement was on the horizon. It was moving steady and fast, right for the walls. Go rouse my husband and the others on this list, she ordered, shoving a piece of paper in his hand. Aingeal followed close on his heels to get to the gate. They would not breach the gate if she could help it, she would not draw innocents into this battle. Her staff on her back, her dagger in her boot and her sword at her side she threw open the gate. She heard hooves from her back and hooves from the front and she knew a battle would ensue.

This had been years in the making, a destiny she would never deny. Even her sword had a name… Flos Potentia… its meaning Flower Power. The name of the army her and Amanda once ran. She knew who was coming, the winds had told her, the flowers had told her, and she was ready. Ready to defend her family, her town, and her kingdom.

She pulled her sword, the gems glinted in the moonlight. The amethyst sword had been Amanda’s gift to her upon her death, a death caused by the enemy in front of her. When Aingeal could, she asked the Mages to bind with it an emerald, it was now legendary. The weapon would be Amara’s one day, her namesake but first, it must have its day. As the sun began to rise, the battle ensued.

There was no talking as Rieron’s army attacked first. Aingeal began to defend her town with her every being. Green clouds surrounded the battlefield, Causing confusion and chaos. The battle began, each side trading hits. Aingeal felt pain as someone’s weapon met her flesh, but she did not stop. She spied Rieron in the fray and made a dash towards him. She felt a connect then flew back on her arse, her vision blurry and her weapon out of her hand. She knew Rieron had magic just as she did, and she just took the brunt of something. Slowing her breathing she rolled from the noise, struggling to get to her feet. Her vision started to clear, and she reached for her dagger.

Time seemed to slow, yet the battle raged on. She saw Shandu fall, Lady Whisp and Johnstone too. Saying a quick prayer to the Mages for statis she then saw Rieron running away. Since when did the Druchii ever run from a fight? If she wasn’t in so much pain she might have laughed and let him run, but the part of her thirst for revenge would not let it be. Pulling her staff from her back she gave chase. Suddenly Victorious was in her line of sight, and she pushed her way through her, them both striking each other as the past. Her sight was only on Rieron. Close on his heels she made a lunge for him, reaching out with her staff. A scuffle started, them trading blows until suddenly Rieron ceased striking back His chest did not rise, his eyes were closed. She did not wait to see if he was alive or dead, to her all that mattered is that she bested him. There was no one left on the battlefield, and the pain started to overtake her. She needed to get back, needed to ensure everyone was back behind the walls. She needed to find Anessen. Her hair was matted with dirt, her vision foggy. Green clouds lingered on the field and she stumbled over someone or something. Peasants came from the town to help guide and carry the wounded behind the walls. Aingeal cared nothing but to ensure her family was safe. Finally catching sight of Anessen she rested easier.

Back behind the walls the were gathered in the town hall. Safe for the moment, the peasants tended to their wounds, wrapping what the could until daylight broke. Stopping the bleeding was first priority, stitching up wounds and keeping them alive. Before Aingeal slipped into oblivion from the pain she ordered one of the peasants, Take my horse and go get Rania, send her to the Fenian castle… find the king and let him know what happened…. then darkness overtook her.
Mother to Amara, Wife to Anessen, Guard of Fenia
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Re: [ORP]Battle in Widu

Post by Rania »

Before Aingeal had left, she gave one order to Rania. Protect Amara at all costs. Aingeal gave Rania a home years ago, and they were her family. She watched the small redhead child sleep and thought she was so like her mother. Rania covered the barefoot that peeked out from the edge of the bed and tucked the child in again. A banging on the door had her running down that hall. Where is the lord of the house, the lady needs his assistance, the guard said. Rania dashed down the hall to wake Anessen and relay the news before going back to Amara's side. The child had woken and began to cry, knowing something was up. Tis ok my sweet, she comforted the child as she heard the door bang shut.

The house was far enough away that the sounds of battle did not reach. Rania couldn't sleep so she held vigil over the child, hoping beyond hope that no news was good news. She curled up in the chair beside the bed and waited. Light seeped over the horizon when a knock came at the door. Going to open it for the second time that night. Your mistress and master live, but you are to go to the castle and notify the King. I will guard the child. Hoping that the guard was more friendly to Amara when she woke, she grabbed a cloak and set out.

Aingeal's horse was one of the fastest in the Kingdom, and Rania gave him his head. She wrapped her fingers in the stallion's mane and held tight with her knees. It seemed like it was forever before she arrived at the castle gate. Fatigued beyond measure, her body sore she dashed into the public rooms of the castle calling out for the king. I need to see the KIng... the Queens... I need to see them now! she called out, avoiding first one guard than the other. She had come to the castle a few times with Aingeal, but knew not where the family resided. A firm pair of hands grabbed her around the arms and demanded she cease. Flailing out with her legs she tried to kick free and called out again. I need to see the KIng! The Marchioness Aingeal has sent me... she and Widu were attacked by the Druchii.... I need him to know NOW! her voice rising with every word. The guards may think her crazy, but she would talk to the King or wake the whole castle trying.
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Re: [ORP]Battle in Widu

Post by waerth »

"A new day a new battle" he murmured/
"It's good to be a blacksmith in Widu" Waerth told his steward.
"All these idiots keep on killing eachother at Widu's gates."
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Re: [ORP]Battle in Widu

Post by SanchariTwins »

The young men had been wandering the halls impatiently when they heard something that would offer them some distraction from what were, in their opinion, very important events. The increasing loud, and insistent voice of a female rang through the halls of the castle, and with a glance at each other, the boys slipped into the shadows.

They arrives simultaneously, as they were almost always prone to doing. Aian on the left of the guard and Aeton on the right. It took them but a moment to assess the hysterical woman, and nodded to each other once more.

You can put her down...Aian addressed the guard. She's no threat followed Aeton, completing his brothers sentence.

Once the guard had followed their instructions and offered them a tip of the head in acknowledgement, the boys returned their attention to the woman. Who might you be? And why are you screaming bloody murder?

(ooc note: The boys will often complete a sentence for each other so Aian will be written in blue and Aeton in red to try to simplify things for the reader).
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