[ORP] Nettlebane Tower

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[ORP] Nettlebane Tower

Post by Zehara » Fri Feb 28, 2020 6:43 pm

The sun was setting over the lake, casting orange and pink ripples across the water. Zehara lounged against the windowsill at the top of Nettlebane Tower, a drink in one hand and a lazy smile on her lips. It could be nice, sometimes, she supposed, this mortal realm. Not that they hadn't had nice sunsets in the fae realms. Magical, even. But there was something so... real about this view. No magical enhancements, no sparkling fae lights. Just nature, in all its glory.

Zehara took a sip of her drink and turned back to the room. It was meant to be a study, but it looked more like an attic that had recently ticked off a tornado. She sighed. Even as she had started to get used to this place, she still hadn't figured out how to do useful things around the house. And now that she had been granted Nettlebane Tower, she just had more space in which to be a giant mess. She had hired a housekeeper/cook/general factotum. But the blasted woman was afraid of this room. Claimed there were monsters lurking in the shadows or some such nonsense. Zehara pushed a box of junk off a large, squishy chair and flopped down into it. Monsters, pff. The only thing lurking up here was Zehara. Granted, she did have a tendency to brood lately. She was homesick. This tower, this land, even the family she had found here - they weren't really her home.

"Martine!" Zehara shouted, after gulping the last of her drink. She heard a crash from below, and then heavy footsteps coming up the narrow, winding stairs. As always, Martine stopped just outside the doorway, glancing nervously around the room. "What's for dinner?" Zehara asked. At least Martine could cook, thank the Mother. Zehara had still never figured out how to make anything edible.

"Baked fish, miss," said Martine, in her rough, scratchy voice. Zehara often wondered if someone had tried to choke the boring out of her and left her permanently with half a voice. She pouted at the proposed menu. "Again? DIdn't we just have that?"

"Not since last month..." said Martine, her face the picture of simple confusion.

"That's practically yesterday!" whined Zehara. She was still unused to the pace of mortal life. There was so much more variety in the fae realms. Well, there had to be when everyone lived several centuries. You would get bored of life fast, too, if you had to eat baked fish once a month for 500 years!

Martine began to look nervous, as she always did when Zehara fell into her more petulant moods. "I think the potatoes are ready, I could bake some up with cheese, if you like?"

If possible, Zehara's lower lip protruded further. "Fine," she muttered, turning back to stare out the window. Potatoes, bah! What a depressingly dull food. No wonder mortals died within 100 years. Killed by boredom. And starch.

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