(RP) Reconciliation

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(RP) Reconciliation

Post by Amnestria » Sun May 17, 2020 7:25 pm

March 1st, 1660

So many emotions filled her, but she would never let them be known while in the court. She had duties to uphold even if Queen Aishe was her best friend. She remembered that day that Aishe had awaken. Relief flooded her, but it was only briefly until the anger overtook her. How could she have died the way she did, terrifying everyone? Worrying Queen Akos, King Zuan...everyone.

Silently, she had jumped off the balcony, transforming mid fall and took flight into the skies. Aishe needed time with her newborns, husband and wife.

Now she stood at the edge of a clearing, taking in the warmth. The only place where she felt the safest, and relaxed. Shirin's home...The absolute peacefulness, filling her with peace. The anger slowly ebbing away, allowing the tears she had refused shed to fall down her cheeks. The fire within her dying down. She makes her way to the center, sitting beneath the tree, her head in her hands.

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