Version 3.1.013 Release notes:

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Version 3.1.013 Release notes:

Post by Amaryllis » Tue May 26, 2020 1:02 pm

We are nearing the release of Version 3.1.013. This version will have a number of fixes, improvements, and new code. Here are some highlights for you:

- New: Add in Bone and a couple other Items to the Game [Player Suggestion] This will also give more work for Masons and a couple other workshops
- New: Add in ability to repair Scarecrow directly from the field using Holy Resin
- New: Temples can now charge a fee for Temple Weddings
- New: All 7 Workshops Quests. 1 Quest for all at Level 2 and 1 Quest for all at Level 3 [Player Suggestion]
- New: Independent Town can petition to Join a Viceroyalty
- Change: Temple Weddings should require approval of both parties
- Change: Death set to a sliding scale based on level

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