In Memory...

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In Memory...

Post by Zachrin »

There are not many words I can say that can convey my emotions well tonight. So, I will start by saying that this community has experienced another loss. Today, I heard official news that the person behind Jandar and our newest Admin died. He was a wonderful person that I got to share many chats with over the years. He was often the inspiration behind different events and was always trying to find new ways to improve the game. His contributions behind the scenes as well as helping others over the years will never be forgotten. I remember years ago when I met him in another game we didn't exactly see eye to eye. Over the years, we gained an appreciation for each other even when we disagreed on topics.

Today, I ask two things of all players here.

1) Check out the OOC Hangout area and put in memories and thoughts to celebrate his life.

Check it out at:


2) If you would like, you can also contribute to the final RP thread for Jandar:


Rest in Peace, my friend...
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Re: In Memory...

Post by Texas_Knight »

In short.. this sucks! He will be missed.
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