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Being "dead" for centuries, Wagnard vaguely remembered there was an ancient name for this continent... or was it another continent?

With a dry, raspy wheeze that sounded like it was coming from the bottom of a deep well, he breathed a word...


Yes, that name sounded quite right.
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Re: New Contest

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Special Gamewide Poll
Through the history books of The World of Secfenia, the continent that has been most focused on is the "mainland" or "Secfenia" continent. However, this could be quite confusing as it is the same as the World's name. So, there is a new contest being put out to you players to vote on a new name for the continent.

Poll Question: Which name would you like to see as the main continent's name from these player suggested names?

The results are...
Aeron (3.7%)
Balatai (7.41%)
Pandora (37.04%)
Peltas (0%)
Privia (16.67%)
Vizia (5.56%)
Xanea (12.96%)
Zachrire (16.67%)
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