Congrats to Phoenix Day Winners!

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Congrats to Phoenix Day Winners!

Post by Zachrin »

Congrats to our Phoenix Day Winners:

Aishe [1st Place given Spork and 25f]
Mantas [2nd Place given Mint Leaf and 14f - Best in Fenia]
Nikola [3rd Place given Mint Leaf]
Katie [4th Place given Mint Leaf]
Raef [5th Place given Mint Leaf]
Cathrina [6th Place given Mint Leaf]
Alexandria [7th Place given Mint Leaf]
Elisa [8th Place given Mint Leaf]
Kean [9th Place given Mint Leaf]
GonzoVonNuttofen [10th Place given Mint Leaf]

Top 2 Givers (+2 Strength)
Argenth and Ava
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Re: Congrats to Phoenix Day Winners!

Post by Katie »

I just came to see who all won and I am truly surprised I am listed a winner. :oops:

Thank you to all of my great and special friends. You make Secfenia a wonderful place daily and I love and appreciate each and every one of you!

Also, CONGRATZ to all of you who won this year!

*Beaming with happiness, Katie heads home with her cherished mint leaf while formulating a plan to place it in a jar of rain water. (She hopes it will take root so she may plant it in her yard as a rememberance of all of her special friends.)*
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