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✿ Wonder Works Repair Shop ✿

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Welcome one and all to your Bravia Local Repair shop. Where we do large repairs on your items.

A typical 25% Repair cost ME similar to this: Per Day (Items may vary on scraps needed)
In this example, I am repairing a Scare Crow
47 scraps of wood x 0.10 = 4.70
24 scraps of wool x 0.10 = 2.40
2 Repair Points (Have 4 total per day)

Math on use of Resin VS Shop:
25% using 1 Resin is 5% on a Scare Crow = 12f-15f (Value of Resin) x 5 = Your out of pocket cost of 60f-75f

Charges for repair of an item 25f-30f depending on if scraps are donated or if I provide the scraps.
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