Love Day Winners

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Love Day Winners

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Love Day wrapped up again this year after a fight to see who would reach the top. Towards the end, there still were questions on who would win. Here are the final results:

Most Hugs and Kisses Received:

balerion [1st Place given Bouquet and 25f, Fenia]
ayla11 [2nd Place given Rose and 14f - Best in Bravia]
Havoc [3rd Place given Rose, Bravia]
Nikola [4th Place given Rose, Fenia]
Ambrosia [5th Place given Rose, Bravia]
Rowaine [6th Place given Rose, Bravia]
CordeliaReefton [7th Place given Rose, Fenia]
Morjiana [8th Place given Rose, Bravia]
Vandica [9th Place given Rose, Fenia]
Argenth [10th Place given Rose, Fenia]

Top Love Givers
Suu_Nee [Top 2 Givers +2 Charisma]
Lukoki [Top 2 Givers +2 Charisma]
TwoB, Argenth, Pixel, Logo, GonzoVonNuttofen, Drakonkrabas, Grayson and Anno_Koji [No Prizes, but rest of Top 10]

Congrats to all of the Winners!
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