[ORP] Serene's house and workshop

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[ORP] Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:39 am

Serene stands in her house and reviews her life so far...
Serene lives in a small house. She hired a steward, Aiden.
She had a toad for three days till it had the unfortunate meeting with a dragon in a court house.
(had to have a reason to no longer have a toad - version change)
With the help of Aingeal, she set up a butcher shop.
Her brother Charles died in a duel with her sister Cassandra. "Oh why am I not brave enough to ask her about that?" Serene wonders. "Family matter's often seem muddled. I found out Rieron is related to me when he helped me move from Imperious to Cork. Currently I am working on a grant to fry chicken legs for the new mayor Kane."
Serene looks around her house and decides it is too dirty. "Aiden please get the house cleaned. I need to practice studying juggling."
She looks at the wound Apoc gave her in their duel. "I think it is getting infected!".
She hurries off to the temple to see if they might be able to heal it.
Limping and pale, she heads out the door.


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Post by Cassandra » Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:13 pm

As she stepped out from her tree Cass took a deep breath and smiled, feeling the warmth of the sun as it slowly raised above the trees. With her arms extended she welcomed the magic ever present, she could feel it slightly humming against her skin, tickling her sometimes.
After enjoying the wonderful feeling for a long moment she sighed and started to walk.

Cass hated living the forest for more than a day, but it had to be done, and far too often. Eventually she left the forest and found the road, she wondered towards her sister's home.
After hundreds of years alone she had a family now, and with that came new responsibility, Cass did not wish to worry her sister more than necessary.

Knowing well Serene would question her in more than one subject Cassandra decided that a letter should be enough. Once she reached the home Cass closed her eyes and reached out to her sister. Serene was not home, and Cass could not feel her near by.
Leaning down before the door Cassandra slipped the letter underneath, knowing that by the time her sister read it she would be at her destination.
Dear Sister,
By the time you read this I will be gone from town, but worry not. It wont be for too long.
I did not wanted to have you worry and wonder about my whereabouts.
But I promise to come visit after my return.

Hope you're well, and to see you soon.

Again Cassandra headed down the road, this time walking to the outskirts of Cork and did not stopped until she reached her destination...


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Post by Serene » Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:57 pm

Serene arrives at the temple and hopes that they will be able to heal her infection.


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Post by Serene » Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:52 pm

Serene returned from the temple feeling pale and weak.
The infection was gone.
When she arrived home, she found a letter from her sister.
With mixed emotions, she hopefully opened and read the letter.
She was glad to hear her sister was well and remembered her. Her sister,Cassandra, was a Master Sorcerer. Cassandra did not usually do magic around her.
In the tavern she had seen people do flashy magic. Usually with fire. She sometimes wondered about her older sister's magic.

She was exhausted. She did her best to complete the university juggling assignment.
Then headed to bed. On her way she noticed that her steward, Aiden, had done a good job cleaning.
It was nice to have an honest, loyal steward.


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Post by Serene » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:57 am

It was a snowy winters day. Serene woke up. She looked out the window and enjoyed watching big puffy snowflakes falling. Today she was still feeling weak, but definitely on the mend.
She walked into the kitchen. Aiden had made a wonderful meal with fresh veggies and meat.
She sat down to eat and invited him to join her.
While they ate, she reviewed what needed to be done. "We need to get the veggies harvested today. No one took the job posting, so rather than put up two postings, we need to get it done ourselves.".
Aiden nods in acquiescence. He rarely ever talked. Serene sometimes wondered if he could talk. He did seem ecstatic since she had hired him.
"I am going over to the temple to donate some bovine bones. I will be back soon and help finish the harvest. If you get a chance, make sure the help wanted sign didn't blow down in the storm."
Serene finished the meal, got up, collected the donation bones and headed out the door.
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Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:30 am

Serene arrived back home, and found Aiden out in the veggie field.
The veggies seemed to like the cold snowy weather.
Serene hated the cold. She loved the way the snow looked, but she preferred to look while in a nice warm house.
She was bundled up, yet the cold seemed to seep into her bones.

Picking veggies calmed her though she moved very slowly as she was still healing.
With both of them working the job was soon done.

"Lets go in and warm up by the fire. Did you get a chance to check on the sign?"

Aiden nodded.

They headed into the house. Serene found a comfy chair near the fire.

As usual, she added several logs to the fire. She loved hot fires.

After a while she dosed off.

Later when her nap was over and she was feeling better, she started her training exercises.
Today she worked to improve her axe skills.

When she was done she remembered that she was the sheriff while Cassandra was out of town.
"Oh my! What if I disappoint my big sister!? She recommended me for the job to Mayor Kane. Those yvyrm are terrible pests. They seem to enjoy destroying the walls. I haven't had any luck hiring a mason. The peasants waste so much more stone!". Serene worried as she ran to the sheriff 's office. She had a habit of talking to herself.

Arriving at the office, she found a letter waiting for her. It was wonderful news! The legendary yvyrm slayer Mazork was in town. He had slain two of the nasty yvyrm pests that had been plaguing the town. They had worked to destroy the town walls and had even stolen some of her meat for sale too. "I will send him some social points next week to thank him for this kind deed."

Serene sat at her desk and wrote him a note of thanks.


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:15 pm

On her way home from the office, she stopped by game alley way.
They were mindless games for fun.
She stopped by the Mysts tavern for a drink or two and to warm up. She was able to talk a few people into throwing snowballs at her sister. This made her smile. Cassandra would easily dodge most snowballs. But it would keep her on her toes.

She missed having long lazy chats with her sister and brother. She fondly remembered how Charles kept her well supplied with pies. Thinking of pies made her hungry.

Roger had gotten her some delicous soup. He seemed to know Idunno. After a few hours at the Mysts tavern chatting she headed home to get some sleep.

Upon arriving she saw Aiden had taken care of all her comforts. She wondered for all his benefits if his lack of charisma kept her from getting a peasant to work the land. She hoped she would get one or she would have another day out in the cold. Maybe the weather would be more pleasant tomorrow.

She sits by the fire and has a cup of tea that is all ready for her. She relaxes and talks to Aiden to who listens yet never does more than nod that he heard her.
"I saw the dragon at the tavern, you know the one who ate my toad at the court house? Oh and I saw Apoc. He said I needed to get a better dagger. He thought I was doing better too. I dodged him 3 times in the last duel. I like the thought of getting better with my weapons. I just wish it did not hurt so much. " Serene laughs and sips her tea. " The fire at the tavern seemed to have a mind of its own tonight. It even got too full and spit out 3 sticks I put in. It showed me flowers and faces. You would of liked it I think."


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Post by Serene » Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:18 am

Serene woke up from a restful nights sleep.
She heard a squalling noise outside. She rushed to the window to see what was going on.
She saw a gruesome yet delightful sight. She got to see Mazork eviscerate a yvyrm. Now that is not an event one sees every day!
Serene shouts, "Aiden Aiden! Come see this! Another of those pesky yvyrms has fallen to the ground."

Aiden comes running to see the sight and to make sure Serene is ok. He is carrying the help wanted sign. He points to it indicating that he succeeded in hiring someone to pick the veggies today.

Serene is elated. "What a great start to the new year!". she does a happy dance .

She heads to the kitchen so see what delicious meal has been prepared. She sits down to a delicious omelet. "Happy New Year!" she says and they feast till they stuffed.

Jan 01, 1653
You watch as a Yvyrm falls to the ground with Mazork mumbling something


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:43 am

After breakfast, Serene trains with her sword today. She works hard to be worthy of her spot in Apoc's Bravian Army. She feels more proficient after her work out.
She goes and showers and gets ready for the beautiful snowy day. It is even more beautiful to her because it is a snowy day and she doesn't have to harvest veggies in the cold.
"Aiden, make sure we feed the peasant for helping us out. Thank you!"

She read the leader board and saw her efforts to get help pelting her sister with snowballs had worked! Would Cassandra realize her little sister was behind the attack. It was pretty hard to keep secrets from her older sister. She laughed happily. This was starting out to be the best day ever!Hopefully, it indicated the direction of the new year.

Serene loves reading good news in the paper. She. hadn't read much good news lately. looking and looking at the University schedule and then the calendar, Serene decides to butcher and fry up some chicken legs. The grant deadline was looming. It would not be good to disappoint Mayor Kane on her first assignment.

"Aiden, I am going to go check on the sheriffs office. Could you please get the butcher shop clean and get 10 chickens out of cold storage? I will be back soon."

Aiden nods and heads to the workshop.

Serene heads out the door. The snow crunches as she walks.


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:33 pm

Serene returned from army patrol and sheriff office work tired.
The day was not yet over. She still had to fry up some chicken legs.
Aiden had gotten everything set up for her so she was able to quickly fry up the legs, put them in her grant and head to bed.

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