Thank you

... for taking the time to visit my little homestead on the web. I have many patches of land in cyberspace, but none I am as proud as this domain (my personal) and NFL Picks (my picking team's page). I've been on many free sites in the past and have squatting pages there, but these two are my ones I put my energy into and I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

... to the Role-players of the now defunct RPG (both names) which include, but are not limited to, Billy Bishop, Ivan Veller, Andy Carabino (who hosted one of our first webpages and helped create a central internet hub), Jarrod Jabre (numerous contributions including the International Monetary Exchange (IME)), Nathan Albright (a strong contributer throughout the days of Secfenia), and Jupiter.

... to the members of the NFL Picks list and team. They were hosted here on secfenia until I moved them to their own domain.

... DigitalSpace for hosting us since 2000. In all that time, we have only had one day of down time.

is the hard work of Viceroy (2000-2017)
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