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Developer's Journal

Moderation FAQ

We have put together this FAQ to help our players understand the moderation process and who moderates the game. If there are questions that you feel need to be added to this FAQ, please let us know.

Q1. Who moderates the game?

A1. The game is split up into 3 major categories:

Category One contains Four Sections:
a) Family Forums,
b) Organization Forums,
c) Guild Forums or
d) Restricted Forums.

As a general rule, each have leaders of the group or government respectively as moderators so long as they have no current points and have not shown themselves as unfit for moderation. These moderators are fellow players who are entrusted with enforcing our Game Rules (Code of Conduct, Policies, and Terms of Service) and are themselves subject to them.

Any issues in a Family Forums Group, Organization Forums Group, Guild Forums Group or Restricted Forum Group should be mailed to the Moderator of the Forum first. If you feel that the resolution is not fair, you may then contact Zachrin to look into the issue. You may contact Zachrin via IG or Forum Mail. If it is still felt that the presented resolution is not fair, the issue may be taken to Zachrin (Our game admin) via IG or Forum Mail and he will have final say over the matter.

Category Two: Public Forums

Our community team, mainly Elders, patrol over the general public forums. Some Elders, for the most-part, are assigned to designated areas, however, Elders are not limited to single areas to ensure fully coverage. They encourage role-play, enforce the rules, and assist in creating a better environment for the community. If you see any issues in an area, please message them via the forum mail system. Any compliments or complaints about our Elders should be passed along to Zachrin via IG or Forum Mail.

Category Three: Everything Else

Our administrative team may patrol over the taverns, IG functions, and may patrol over any of the areas on the service to ensure that the Terms of Service, policies, and Code of Conduct is enforced. If you see a problem that is not in the forums, please contact Zachrin directly via IG or Forum Mail. If it is a permissions issue, then contact Zachrin. For compliments, complaints, appeals, tavern issues, questions or clarification about announcements and upcoming events, or any Community Management issues, contact Zachrin.

In addition, the Admin Team may do random checks on any of the server's avenues of communication to ensure that the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct are followed.

Q2. What is a Warning?

A2. Warnings are issued for educational purposes. They are most often issued for first-time or minor violations of the Code of Conduct. Warnings are worth zero infraction points and do not count toward infraction point accrual. Violations of our Terms of Service are considered by nature serious. Our Code of Conduct also specifies when certain sections are automatically ruled as serious.

Q3. What is an Infraction?

A3. Infractions are issued after a warning has been issued for the same type of violation, or for more serious or extreme violations of the Game Rules. Infractions result in the accrual of infraction points. Accruing infraction points can result in interruption of your forum/game account permissions by way of a temporary suspension or permanent ban. Someone who has received an infraction will be ineligible to moderate for 9 months.

Q4. Do Warnings and Infractions ever expire?

A4. Yes, most rule infractions will expire after 9 months from the end of the suspension unless another infraction is committed. If no other infraction is committed the point(s) associated with the infraction(s) will roll off after nine months.

Q5. I want to talk to someone about a Warning/Infraction I received. Who should I contact?

A5. Warnings and Infractions are typically given by our Elders. You can appeal their decision by going to Zachrin. We will be happy to address concerns you may have. However, please remember to be respectful when you contact us. Abusive mails may go ignored and can be considered for possible violations.

If there are questions regarding a Tavern incident, Zachrin will evaluate it and make a decision. You may appeal the decision to Zachrin for a final review.

Q6. What is the point system?

A6. A point system was designed to help players better understand the consequences for breaking the rules. When a player first violates a non-severe Rule, the player is typically given a warning unless they already have points. A severe violation may result in a severe warning and/or a point. A severe warning is a final chance for changing behavior prior to punishments.

1-2 Points: 1-2 Days Suspension from the forum and/or game
3-4 Points: 3-6 Days Suspension from the forum and/or game
5-6 Points: 7-14 Days Suspension from the forum and/or game
7-9 Points: Minimum of 14 Days Suspension from the forum and/or game
10+ Points: Player's account is eradicated. They may return, but not be the same character.

All points stay on a player's account for 9 months after the last infraction that occurred. A player can not mod until all points have dropped off. Unless there are severe violations, players may only receive up to 3 points at a time.

Players may be eradicated with less than 10 Points for serious violations of our Terms of Service including, but not limited, to cybering in the tavern.

Q7. Are the Moderators Held to any code of conduct?

A7. Yes, they must follow the Moderator Policy. In addition, the Elders agree to this Code of Conduct:
Elders are selected from our player population based upon their activity, having a level head, displaying good judgement, and showing the ability to work well with a team.

  1. Confidentiality - All discussions in the Inner Chambers are considered to be private and may not be shared without the permission of Zachrin. Questions regarding rules, policies, and warnings may be brought there. The Inner Chambers is an area for discussions of concerns and any opinions given there are respected. We will not always agree, but we can disagree politely. The various opinions are respected and help shed light on different views of the situation. As a team, we must be a sea of reason, calm, and objectivity. In accordance to our Code of Conduct, you are not to connect your Elder account to your playing account.
  2. Activity - Elders are expected to complete their check ins at least once every 48 hours, participate in discussions in the Inner Sanctum, and check for updates, announcements, and/or other information. Elders are a key part of the creation of our rules, policies and issuing infractions. Obviously, Real Life is important and it is understandable that it takes priority. If you are aware of a time when you are not available, please give us a heads up and we can get things covered.
  3. Diplomacy - Elders may have to tell a player or groups of players unpleasant news or guide them to help them to better understand our rules and policies. If a player is rude, do not reply in kind. Instead, advise the player that you have passed the matter along to the next level forwarding the Message to the appropriate person. Elders are there to help players understand the rules, but are not expected to be berated. You are never alone and the next step up can review the situation.
  4. Honor - Any Elder found to be abusing the moderation privileges given will be reprimanded or dismissed. No posts should ever be deleted. There is a special section called the Trash Bin for posts that need to be removed from the public eye. Elders are held to a higher standard of honor.
  5. Respect - Treat others like you want to be treated. Players come to enjoy the game. Remember to always treat them respectfully when communicating with them.
We appreciate your work and your dedication to this team. Thank you