Pandora Project World of Secfenia13+
Developer's Journal

Our Community Team is designed to be able to assist you with any questions you have with the game, RP, our Code of Conduct, and our Policies. If you have questions, please contact them and they can get answers to most of your questions. If you see an issue with another player, please also contact our team and we will investigate into the matter.

Compliments or Complaints about Community Members or if they do not answer within 72 hours, then contact Zachrin

Bugs should be reported via the Bug System
Forum Permission/Group Issues should be reported to Zachrin.

Our Community Team:
Harpy (Covers: Fenia, General) Send Forum PM Send IG Mail
Unicorn (Covers: Bravia, General) Send Forum PM Send IG Mail
Zachrin (Game Administrator/Coder) Send Forum PM Send IG Mail