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Our Community Team (know as Elders and Mages) is designed to be able to help you out with any questions you may have with RP as well as our Rules and Policies. If you have questions, please contact them and they can get answers to most questions. If you see an issue with another player, please also contact our team and we will investigate into the matter.

Our Community Team:
Gorm (Elder of Kiene Forums) Send Forum PM
Peter_pan (Elder of Fenia Forums) Send Forum PM
Teresa (Elder of Bravia Forums) Send Forum PM
Gilgamesh (Elder of General Areas) Send Forum PM
Gretub (Forum Manager) Send Forum PM Send IG Mail
Amaryllis (Community Manager) Send Forum PM Send IG Mail
Zachrin (Game Administrator/Coder) Send Forum PM Send IG Mail

Generally, we expect an answer to your inquiry usually within 48 hours. If you do not hear after that time period, please feel free to contact another Elder or Amaryllis for further assistance.
Compliments and/or Complaints about Elders should go to Amaryllis.