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Name Change Policy (Updated: May 12, 2013)

Starting with version 2.0 r22, the Administrative team of Secfenia will no longer process name changes. To help with continuity issues, there are two types of Name Changes available:

1. Free Name Change (OOC Only)

This can be done once every year. This will allow you to fix any spelling errors you may have made or to even make a change to the IG name to better match your character name. You can process this by going to My Settings > Profile and select "Change" next to your IG name. The old name will be shown on your profile. Any previous social points, sponsors, marriages, etc will still be shown automatically. This is for OOC purposes only.

2. Paid Name Change

This can be done once every 90 days. This allows a player to change their character if there is not a case currently against the character. Previous social points, sponsor, marriages, etc will be removed automatically. All positions will automatically be resigned from. The old name will be shown on the profile for 60 days to prevent those who change name to avoid prosecution. However, warrants will be updated with the new name.

Note: Any questions or inquiries regarding this policy may be brought to the Administrative team via IG Mail.


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