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Family, Organization and Guild Forums Policy (Updated: March 01, 2022)

Q. What are Family, Organization and Guild Forums?

A. There forums are forums set aside for either families, organizations, and/or guilds and are primarily moderated by a player instead of the Elders. Town and Viceregal Government are covered under the Restricted Forums Policy.

Q. Who moderates a Family, Organization and Guild Forum?

A. All forums under this section are typically moderated by the leader of the group. However, any requested changes must be done manually. Forum Changes can be mailed to Zachrin.

The Administrative team may do spot checks in these forums to ensure that the moderators are enforcing the forum rules.

Q. If I want to start a new forum, add a sub-forum or change up a forum, how do I do so?

A. All Forum Creation Requests should be submitted via the Forum Request feature in the In-Game Interface located at Forum > Forum Requests

Please note that forum requests are just that - requests. They may be turned down. If they are, an explanation will be given. If you currently are unable to serve as a moderator due to a previous suspension, you must also select who the moderator should be.

Any group must have at least 3 active player IG accounts.

Q. What are my responsibilities as a Family, Organization or Guild Forum Moderator?

A. You are responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct, Terms of Service, and the policies including the image size and file size restrictions. If you do not feel comfortable with talking with an individual, you may request that Zachrin intervene. You are given the ability to be able to lock topics, split posts, and other moderator actions. This should be used to make sure that the rules are enforced and should not be abused. All actions done by a moderator are logged and the Administrative Team will review all accusations regarding abuse. If you are found to be abusing moderator privileges, you may be removed as the moderator and from the group. If no other moderator is found, the group may also be removed.

Q. Who sets the rules for the forum then?

A. All forums are under the Code of Conduct. However, Family, Organization and Guild forums may have additional rules. Moderators are charged with enforcing the rules.

Q. If a forum rule is violated in one of these forums, who do I contact?

A. You should contact the Forum Moderator via PM. If you feel that they have not dealt with the situation according to the rules, then you should contact Amaryllis to look into the matter further. Please note that the moderator may also request advice from the Community Team and/or Zachrin.

Q. So, if a forum rule is violated, does that mean the Moderator can suspend me?

A. No player moderator is given the ability to suspend a player from the entire forums. However, at their discretion, the moderator can do any of these actions:

1) Warn Them
2) Remove them from that forum (either Temporary or Permanently)
3) Report the Forum Violation to Zachrin for further action

Q. What if the Moderator is no longer active and the members of the group would like an active moderator?

A. In cases where the moderator is no longer active in the group, the group may discuss a replacement for the previous moderator. This should be done via a 5 (or more) day poll if more than one option has been brought forth. The winner of the poll will be considered the next moderator. Once a decision has been reached, that member should contact Zachrin and explain the current situation and the request for replacement.

Q. What about the order of Mucaz?

A. It's a special forum that is the foundation of the Faith in Secfenia. As such, it must always have a forum moderator who is active. In the event that a forum moderator in inactive, either the above question can apply or one of the Administrative Team members will attempt to work with the group to find a replacement via a thread first and then messaging Priests, Deacons, and Overseers currently in the Order of Mucaz group to be an additional moderator until further notice.

Q. If I am a Family, Organization and Guild forum moderator, can I delete posts to clean the forum up?

A. No. All posts that are not wanted should be moved to the Public Trash bin. Moderators should not be able to delete any posts and any attempt to do so is considered a major abuse. If one is found to do so, they will be unable to be a moderator of any forum for at least 9 months.

Q. If a player has been suspended from the forum, can they be a moderator?

A. Not for at least 9 months. After 9 months, it is a decision left to the Admin team to approve.

Q. If the forum has not been posted in a while or has an inactive moderator, what happens?

A. Our Administrative team will review inactive forums/moderators from time to time as part of the forum cleaning policy.


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