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Multi-Account FAQ (Updated: September 08, 2018)

The World of Secfenia is built upon the goal of creating a fun, fair environment for our players. The Community Team has adopted this policy to help ensure that as best as possible. Violations of this policy may result in eradication without any notice.

Q1. Can I have more than one account?

A1. No. Our policy is that each individual may have only one standard active account. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding those who wish to abuse the system and gain an unfair advantage. If a second account is created, then all accounts may be eradicated.

Q2. My Brother/Sister/Father/Mother/Wife/Husband/Housemate wants to play as well. Can they even if they use the same computer or internet connection?

A2. Yes, under the following conditions:
1) All parties must immediately register via our automated Household Multi-Account system located under Settings > Multi-Account either upon sign up or when cohabitations occurs
2) None of the parties use the account to give unfair advantage to any account. If you are unsure, ask.
3) All parties understand that you may receive additional instructions to help ensure balance for our players.
4) What is defined as Unfair Advantage?
Any trade, gift, or help that is one-sided, without equal value trade.
5) Registered Multi Accounts can and may have their interactions be monitored at any time. Any unfair interactions may be investigated resulting in strict consequences.

Q3. Can I play someone else's characters if they are busy/away?

A3. No, you can't. Doing so would be a breach of the terms of service and subject to eradication. If a player needs to have their account paused, contact a member of our Community Team to do so. If they can log in, they can use the Pause my character setting in the Away Setting screen. A feature of the system is that Pause timeout can be pushed back by them logging in again. This will give them a few more months before the system puts them in deleted status.

Q4. I created a second account prior to March 1, 2013. What now?

A4. Any second account created prior to this policy going effective will be permitted to be kept under the following conditions:
1) They can not interact in any IG Function in the same Viceroyalty
2) They can not reside in the same town
3) They can not give any benefit by any means between accounts or jointly towards another account including, but not limited to: social points, jobs, voting, endorsements, and/or group travel
4) The account does not go into deleted status. Once it does, you will be unable to have it reactivated and can not create a new account
5) No new accounts will be created by the individual
6) May not Violate our Code of Conduct, Terms of Service, or Policies by any NPC or account
7) May not have more then 5 forum accounts between your accounts

Q5. I think someone is violating this policy. Who do I contact?

A5. You should contact Gretub with as much detail as possible. We will investigate into the matter.

Q6. What is the punishment for violating this policy?

A6. If the Administrative Team rules that it is a minor infraction and it is a first offense, the player will be given a choice between which single account to keep and receive a 3 day suspension. For major infractions or for multiple occurrences, the Administrative Team may rule for an eradication. In any case, items, freznics, silver and/or any other things that were gained unfairly may be removed at their discretion.


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