Pandora Project World of Secfenia13+
Developer's Journal

Information about Fenia

NOTE: This is written by the leader of the Viceroyalty for introduction to new players

Welcome to Secfenia weary traveler!

The Kingdom of Fenia is one of two Viceroyalties that you can choose to live in when you first arrive in our realm. While either one of these is worthy of your consideration, we would like to give you a short run down of what you can expect should you chose to settle on Fenian land.

Fenia is a vast and prosperous monarchy under the leadership of High King Zuan. We have a system of nobility and a royal court with many pathways to joining these ranks. Speaking of ranks, we also have a strong and vibrant military guided by our General, Texas_Knight. Should you find yourself wanting to follow a warriors path then our military might just be the place for you! Are you more inclined towards politics or religion? Excellent! We have political opportunities at various levels of government, as well as opportunities for those with a more theologically inclined mind. We even have opportunities for you if you prefer the idea of trade and travel!

Want more information on whether Fenia is the right place for you? Feel free to contact one any one of our mayors, royal councilors or even High King Zuan himself!

No matter where you choose to settle, we look forward to sharing an ale or two with you in the taverns!

The citizens of Fenia.