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A forest is a place where you can get wood. Wood is an important component of many items made in workshops. (Workshops become available at level 2). Chopping wood in the Forest is a great way to earn some money and provide wood for the town or other players.

Factors when cutting wood

  • An Axe will guarantee a minimum of 3 bushels of wood. Chopping without an axe minimum is 2.
  • Town Clerical Happiness can add up to 2 additional wood (if very high) or lose up to 2 wood (if it's low and it doesn't put you UNDER the guaranteed minimums)
  • With an axe, you can get an Intelligence Bonus. For every 5 Intelligence, it adds a tenth of a wood maximum. With the highest Intelligence possible, you could in theory get at most 11 wood (as this is the cap).
  • A pet monkey that is active will also increase the amount of wood chopped


It is not recommended to chop wood unless you have over 25 intelligence and also have an axe equipped.

Intelligence Average wood per day without axe Average wood per day with axe
0 - 25 3.5 3.5
26 - 50 4 4.5
51 - 75 4 5.0
76 + 4 6+

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