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Fishing in the Lake is a great way to earn some money and provide fish for the town or other players. One may also fish out in the deep waters. Fish are worth 2 Hunger Points (HP) and give 2 Intelligence.

Factors when fishing in the lake

  • The minimum you can receive in a day is 1 fish.
  • With a boat equipped, the maximum (without any other bonuses) is 3 fish. Without a boat, the maximum is only 2 fish.
    • The size of your boat will not affect how many fish you receive. However, the smaller the boat the quicker that it will spring a leak and disappear.
  • Town Clerical Happiness can add up to 2 additional fish (if very high) or lose up to 1 fish (if it's low and it doesn't put you UNDER the guarantee minimums)
  • Your stats do not impact your picking chances.


When fishing by using a town's resource node, this does not require a boat, and having one equipped does not change your fishing outcome. If you have a pet retriever dog that is active, it helps by reducing the chances of getting a poor fishing outcome and increases the chances of getting an average or better outcome. If a player should choose to fish at sea, they may also find other items, such as sea weed. Fishing at sea means that town resources are out of reach, so it is not recommended for newer players. There is no benefit to going farther away from a town (into deeper waters), and a new player should be advised that just because a town is on a water's edge on the map does not mean that it has a port and that one can return to land there - in this way it can become easy to accidentally spend more time at sea than one intended. Fishing is not affected by seasons or the condition of the town (if in town). The quality and size of the boat makes no difference, either.

Retriever In Town At Sea (boat required)
No pet 1 - 5 2 - 7
Pet retriever 2 - 5 3 - 7

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