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Being mayor comes with a lot of responsibility, and it is the most visible official position that there is. This guide aims to help a player be a good mayor.


Here is an overview of what the Mayor should be doing:

Upon Arrival

Upon arriving in office, a player should assess each of the Mayor Office screens (accessed by a door icon on the Town Hall screen) and get familiar with the current state of the town. A player may also wish to write a post on the relevant forum to introduce themselves or what they plan to do as an in-character roleplay post.

It is not advised to Mass Mail players to announce their arrival in office as this is seen as an ill-use of Communication Points and annoys players, as mayors can change monthly.

Town Hall Positions

The mayor should appoint players to any open jobs (Mentor, Sheriff, Rancher) to help keep the town healthy, on the Jobs screen.

Typically a mayor puts out a communication that the position is open and waits for a player to express interest, upon which the mayor appoints them on the Status screen. It is possible to hire a player outside the town to fill the positions, however, they would need to be in the town to perform their duties so it is best that they do live in the town.

The mayor should also check the effectiveness of those in office, as sometimes players can stop logging in, become inattentive, or be using Quick Play mode if they are too busy to play in full daily. All activities can be seen by going to the Communication screen, and checking the Main Logs.


The Town Mentor is monitored through the Mentor Report button.

Typically Town Mentors are also expected to post a Mentor Report listing the towns and fields on the forums to help players who are leveling up or looking to help the town fill in any economy gaps.

You can also message new players to see if they have been contacted by the Mentor, as the Mentor is expected to send communications to players as they level up to help keep them engaged and playing the game, as well as offer help. The town also earns income from leveling players. Please do not message a new player and offer no help, though, that's incredibly discouraging.


The Sheriff's primary duty is to keep the town's defense high. You can check the status of the town's walls on the Status screen (higher is better), or on the normal Town Hall page.


The Rancher is responsible for the Town Ranch and the Petting Zoo. It is best if the Town Ranch is open. The Petting Zoo should keep animal health high. This is important as Pets increase productivity of many activities, and in turn lower prices and bolster the economy. Pets are generally acquired from generous players who have traveled and wish to sell them, typically at 200f each.


  1. Check the Town Hall if it needs repairs. Typically this is hired at 10f, as it does not count as a full day of work. Any player with a Mason workshop can perform the service.
  2. Monitor corruption and spend Audit Points if necessary.
  3. Hire for Communication Points or Audit Points if it is known they are low


  1. Check the buy list and the town inventory to make sure that the town hasn't purchased too much of an item, as there isn't any way to tell it to stop buying after a certain quantity. This means that a new, massive listing for a large quantity of item matching the price can be entirely purchased up by the Town Hall.
  2. Check the forums for any assistance appeals. Many towns have assistance programs, such as financing a boat, university courses, fields, or moving into the town.

Weekly - Monthly

  1. Check the Item market for needed goods and update the buy and sell orders to help the market keep items on hand for players.
  2. Check the town log if the peasants are requesting a holiday (Communication > Our Logs > Main)


  1. Check if a Tax needs to be imposed to bolster the treasury level
  2. Check if the town should start hiring for Communication Points or Audit Points
  3. Post a forum post typically containing :
    • the Town Audit , found on the Financial Screen, next to Transactions
    • the Donations Logs , found on the Communications screen
    • Birthdays
    • Town needs and wants
    • Town events and VR Mini-games
    • Any reminders or notes needed, such as town assistance programs, monster prevalence, season info, etc


Corruption affects the town's treasury with every purchase of Town Hall goods from the Town Market. At 100% corruption, loss of revenue through sales can be as high as 70%.

Lowering & Mechanics

5 Audit Points can be expended to lower corruption 4%. Audit Points are purchased from players, usually at a rate of 10 - 15f per point. Since only 50f can be spent each day on this, that means that about 5 points per day can be purchased from players for a total of lowering corruption 4% per day, provided that players steadily sell points. Only a level 3 player or higher can produce Audit Points after the proper studying at the University.


Corruption rises steadily through many factors, which can be checked in the logs (Communication > Our Logs > Main). Corruption also compounds daily at a rate of about 10%.

  • Stalled elections. This happens if there is no mayoral candidate.
  • Clerical Happiness.
  • Stability of the Viceroyalty. The state of the viceroyalty also plays a part. It is unknown if the corruption % of the viceroyalty affects its towns.
  • Town Morale

Clerical Happiness

It thought that 75f is a good base wage that does not result in lowering the clerical happiness. The only way to raise clerical happiness is to pay the clerical staff extra. 95f will result in 10% extra happiness the next day, 50f will result in 5% extra happiness, and so on. When the mayor is not in town, the clerical happiness will lower by 1-7% and the corruption will raise by 1-7%. At a certain level of clerical unhappiness, they will begin to damage the town walls themselves. If the mayor does not check their mayor office daily, the clerical staff notice, but it is currently unknown how much of an affect this has.

Town Morale

Low Town Morale affects the following aspects:

  • Peasants productivity who work the mines
  • The Viceregal Prestige
  • Peasant Mobs being against your town

Things that affect Town Morale are as follows:

  • Whether the Petting Zoo is open (Random change to improve) or closed (Random chance to decrease)
  • Viceregal or Army Hanging Peasants (Decreases Morale, but Increases Loyalty)
  • Viceregal Government giving Money to Town (Chance to Increase Morale)
  • Peasants taking a good-paying job (Chance to Increase Morale)
  • Peasants taking a poor paying job (Change to Decrease Morale)
  • Viceregal Holiday (Chance to Increase Morale up to 20%)
  • 180 Days of No Holiday (Chance to Decrease Moraleup to 5%)


When the term is near ending, elections will begin. If there are no candidates, the election will be stalled, resulting in a steady rise of corruption. It's considered good form to try to make sure there will be another candidate if you are not going to run again.