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Pets are located under the My Property > My Pets. Every pet has a specific benefit when activated. However, they must be activated before you can receive the benefit. To do so, select "Activate".

The Phoenix

The Phoenix Pet is currently a one time chance pet available as a Prize for completing the special 5 year anniversary. We may consider having another event in the long term future to allow players in the future to gain one, but nothing anytime soon.

The Phoenix Pet is a multi-faceted pet. It will allow its owners when activated to carry +25 extra items (against the soft limit), remove the "Heal from Death" job slot when resurrecting (RP explanation: tears of Phoenix heal), and Random chance of Healing from an infection.

Other Pets

Other Pets that are available for purchase from towns are:

  • Canary: Increases chance of getting uncut stone and a 2nd salt while mining
  • Collie: Increases chance of getting more milk (Cows), Eggs (Chicken), and Wool (Sheep) on animal fields
  • Monkey: Increases chance of getting more wood in Forest or more from the Orchard
  • Pack Mule: +100 Soft Limit
  • Plow Horse: Increases chance of getting more of non-animal crop
  • Retriever: Increases chance of getting more fish while fishing
  • Squirrel: Grants it's owner a chance to not have the foraging attempt count on that try (free attempt). Can be acquired randomly by foraging out of town.
  • War Horse: +2 Attack, +2 Defense during Battles only (no Duels)


While one does not have to fed a pet every day, it is recommended to feed them to keep their health high. When a pet reaches 0% health, it will die.

Each pet has a specific food that it must be fed. Below is the list of food required for each pet:


Deactivating a pet will cost 1% health to do so. A pet can stay in a deactivated state for about 6 months before they run away. Retreat status of a character will not count towards this countdown. Players do not have to put their pet into inactive state if they pause their character as the Pet will be taken care of. After all, who wouldn't want their pet with them while they pause?

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