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A mine contains ores, precious metals, gems, and slats. A player can mine there. A mine is under the jurisdiction of a Viceroyalty and can be mined from a node that is adjacent to it. The Viceroyalty who owns a mine can choose to either pay in full or using a two payment method with the second payment delivered on Sunday. Mine Minister operates the mine

Factors when mining

  • Mining will always produce 1 Salt and has the chance to find a gemstone that is specific to that mine
  • A pet canary when active will increase one's chances of obtaining an uncut stone and 2nd salt when mining
  • A gemstone, when found will increase your mood
  • A character's intelligence can increase the quantity mined for the Viceroyalty
  • Snowy or Oppressively Hot days can decrease the quantity mined for the Viceroyalty
  • The Health of the Mine can impact the quantity mined for the Viceroyalty
  • Low Town Morale can also affect the quantity mined by Peasants for the Viceroyalty
  • Mine Quality can affect how much quantity is given

Mine Quality

Every mine has a maximum multiplier added to it. The longer a mine is left open, the lower the current multiplier can go. When the mine is closed, the mine can begin to increase. Notifications are given in the main Viceregal log (and added to the Mine Minister log as of October 2019)

Other Item Purchase Areas

Some players do not use the mines and instead look for resources from other sources:

  • Town Hall (who can purchase it from the Viceroyalty)
  • The Town Market
  • Davi or a trader who may have the items in stock at discounted prices

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