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Basic Description

The Mine Minister takes care of the mines of the kingdom, which includes activities such as opening, closing, maintaining, repairing, upgrading and setting pay for the mines. Below is an in-depth look at the abilities of the mine minister:

Mine Status

This section is your bread and butter. This is where you can see all the statistics of the mines in your kingdom (such as estimated output, the health of the mine, weather, etc) and where you will take action. You can take the following actions:
Mine Status Example
  1. Repair - This will allow you to do a manual repair action (once per day) to a mine. The costs of the repair will be displayed once the button is clicked on the confirmation screen.
  2. Upgrade - This allows you to upgrade the mine.
  3. Downgrade - This allows you to downgrade the mine.
  4. Open/Close - You can open/close a mine. Note that sometimes a mine can collapse, so then an option to "Dig Out" will appear where the Open/Close button normally is. Closed Mines do not have decay. If a mine is open at any time during the day, then it will be counted as open at the next reset.
  5. Auto-maintain (on/off)- Mines degrade over time (health of the mine decreases). If this option is turned on, every night resources will be spent to improve the health of the mine.
  6. Auto-transfer - This sets the threshold where the mines ore is automatically transferred to the viceroyalty inventory.
  7. Wage - Sets the wage to be paid to mine workers (PCs and NPCs alike)
  8. Max Slots - Max amount of jobs posted for a mine in a day.
  9. Payments - Choice of one payment for the miners at the end of the day, or 2 payments (half on the day the work was done, and half on Sunday).

Mine Capacity

This shows the number of resources that are being stored at the mine itself. This is partially dependent on the production of the mine and the amount that you request to be transferred.

Mine Production

Please see the wiki article for a Mine to learn more about factors that affect production.

Mine Statistics

The "Mine Audit" section displays the combined summary of all ore mines and count of miners for yesterday, day before yesterday, this week and last week. You can also see the statistics for each mine (which includes the names of anyone that worked them) by clicking the "Last Week","This Week","Yesterday" and "Today" buttons under the Mines section.

Mine Maintenance Log

This section allows you to see a detailed log of what is happening with the mines, such as how much ore is produced, which mines have been damaged or repaired, etc.

Mine Health

At reset, a mine health is adjusted by these factors:

  • Natural Decay (Lowers Health)
  • Auto-maintenance (Increases Health if on)
  • Random Minor Incidents (Lowers Health)
  • Major Collapse (Decreases Mine Level by one and resets to 50%) - This occurs when Mine Health is low...
  • Extra Repairs (Increase Health)

Supplies Available

This section displays the Money, Stone, Iron and Wood available in the vice royalty inventory. These resources are used to maintain the mines so ensure that you have enough.

Example Screenshot

Mine Minister