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Picking in the Orchard is a great way to earn some money and provide fruits for the town or other players. Different town orchards have different fruit.

Factors when picking fruit

  • The minimum you can pick in a day is 1 fruit.
  • With a bucket equipped, the maximum (without any other bonuses) is 4 fruit. Without a bucket, the maximum is only 2 fruit.
  • Town Clerical Happiness can add up to 2 additional fruit (if very high) or lose up to 1 fruit (if it's low and it doesn't put you UNDER the guaranteed minimums)
  • Your stats do not impact your picking chances.
  • An active Monkey can randomly cause you to get an extra fruit
  • Orchards can be frozen over during winter's harsh blizzards, eliminating the option to pick for the day.


It is not recommended to pick fruit without a basket equipped. Orchards gains are not affected by seasons, nor by your stats. Generally fruit is considered an excellent food to increase Charisma and is often in demand, so it can be beneficial to stay behind and pick extra fruit to sell to the market.

Pet Average fruit without basket Average fruit with basket
None 1 - 2 2 - 4
Pet Monkey 2 - 4 4 - 6

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