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The World of Secfenia

The World of Secfenia is a free online browser text based Fantasy RPG that opened up for beta on August 5th, 2009. It is run by Zachrin and is a Pandora Project. This wiki is built by the players and community team for the players.

Getting Started 
Basics to know what to do to get started
Fundamentals of Secfenia 
A bit more of the basics
Some of the various actions in the game
World Lore 
History, races, mages, and more
Settings of Secfenia
All of the tutorials currently written
Player Written Guides 
Player-written insider strategy guides
Rules and Policies 
Rules and policies across Secfenia
Guidelines and other information about the roleplaying aspect of Secfenia
Frequently asked questions

Your Character, Levels, and Property

In Secfenia, you progress your character through a level system that requires advancement in different areas. You can choose to acquire property, pets, and more advanced means of income.

Your Character Levels Property
Health Level 0 Fields
Stats Level I Workshops
Alignment Level II Guilds
Profile Level III Personal Shops
Skills Level IV Pets
Equipment Level V House
Mood Level VI Steward


Items are an essential part of Secfenia and can be obtained in a variety of ways, or combined in workshops to create better items.

Food Components All Items
Equipment Raw Materials House Items

The World

Maps of Secfenia : Pictures and maps of Secfenia

The World of Secfenia is quite large (see world map) and open for players to travel by land or by sea. Each town has certain facilities as well as a resource node (fishing, orchard, forest). Mines are located between towns.

Facilities Resource Nodes Features
Training Ground Forest Town Hall
Temple Lake Town Duels
University Orchard Town Zoo
Foraging Mine Town Market

Each town has its own local governance but is part of a larger viceroyalty with a superseding governance. A viceroyalty is a country composed of several towns, and can tends to either be populated with players or have no players living there, leaving the town and peasants to run themselves. It is possible to move to a NPC town, but it is not recommended as Secfenia is aligned around player cooperation.

Populated VRs NPC VRs
Bravia Surxia
Fenia Zion
New Fulleria