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The World of Secfenia

The World of Secfenia is an online Renaissance Fantasy RPG that opened up for beta on August 5th, 2009. It is run by Zachrin and is under the Pandora Project umbrella. This wiki is built by the players and community team for the players.

Getting Started 
Basics to know what to do to get started
Fundamentals of Secfenia 
A bit more of the Basics
Some of the Various Actions in the game
All of the Tutorials currently written
Rules and Policies 
Rules and policies across Secfenia
Guidelines and other information about the roleplaying aspect of Secfenia


BraviaFeniaKieneSurxiaZionPuriaAbsyniaBercariaMuriaValleriaNew Fulleria

Your Character, Levels, and Property


Level ILevel IILevel IIILevel IVLevel VLevel VI

FieldsWorkshopsGuildsPersonal Shops * Pets

Skills and Legendary Knowledges

Level 2 Skills: General Skills

Level 3 Skills: Advanced Skills

Level 4 Skills: Army Skills, Priest Skills, Rogue Skills, Sorcerer Skills, Sorcerer Skills

Legendary Knowledges: Artisan, Essencer, Heartlander, Weaponmaster, Survivalist


Town DuelsTraining GroundTown HallTempleTown GraveyardUniversity

World Lore

World of SecfeniaMagesCompendium of RacesLocationsMaps


Item ListFoodRaw MaterialsEquipmentComponents